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Kitchen Renovation: Should You Use Stone or Laminate Benchtops?

Kitchen Renovation: Should You Use Stone or Laminate Benchtops?

Renovating a compact or old kitchen can make a world of difference in modern living. A modern kitchen can make your cooking fun and easier at the same time. The best part is that it adds value to your real estate property. 

Choosing different materials for the kitchen and especially for the benchtop can be a huge challenge when it comes to building a new kitchen or kitchen renovation. Should we use Stone or Laminate Bench Tops? This is the main question that comes into our minds.

According to a Real estate renovation expert in Sydney, when people purchase a residential property they prefer stone benchtops in mid to high range properties. Laminate benchtops are mostly preferred when it comes to lower-end homes or investment properties. 

It is a personal choice indeed when choosing between a stone or laminate benchtop and the renovation work should be carried out while keeping your budget and the value of the property in mind.  

The wear and tear of your kitchen benchtop happen with time because of factors such as cutting, chopping, vibrations and changes in temperature. Laminate benchtops are particularly vulnerable to these factors and over the years start to blister. They get scratched and marked from pots and pans. Joints may gradually become noticeable and more prone to water penetration contributing to additional problems that are hard to repair.

Here are some tips that may help you choose the right material and make the perfect decision.

Let’s look at the costs


Everyone wants to buy the best material at the best price possible. You can easily choose from both stone and laminate tops but you would definitely want to stick to your budget. 

Laminate benchtops cost far less than natural stone tops. There is a huge price difference between these two materials. It depends upon your choice and how much you want to spend on your new benchtop. When renovating in the budget is your choice then you should definitely go for a laminate benchtop.

The extraction and engineering process used to take out natural stone from mountains and their relevant area is the main reason why natural stone is so expensive.

Laminated materials are engineered locally in factories.  The raw materials used are low in price and easily available. Hence, these laminated materials are much cheaper than natural stone.

Practicality and Usage

Everyone has their own preference and choice when it comes to choosing the right material for their kitchen. Both natural and laminated stone are very strong and durable, but laminate benchtops are more easy and practical to use. Laminate tops are more stain-resistant as compared to natural stone tops. Laminate tops have a uniform color scheme and texture, while natural stone has different grains. 

Natural stone such as granite is more durable and scratch-resistant than a laminated benchtop.  

Stone Bench Tops

Stone Bench Tops
Stone benchtops add a touch of glamour and elegance to the kitchen and surrounding area. Stone benchtops are stylish, exotic and easy to look after. 

Natural stone is unique in its various styles, colors, patterns and sizes. Sandstone, granite, marble, quartzite, limestone tiles and pavers, travertine and bluestone are some of the types of natural stones available in Australia. 

Stone benchtops are an extremely popular choice for homeowners. Stone benchtops are durable and need little to no maintenance. Stone benchtops are durable, scratchproof, non-porous and resistant to mold and bacteria. And they can be adjusted with any interior theme as they are available in a wide range of colors.
Granite is the most common natural stone used for a benchtop. It is far stronger and does not need much care as other natural stones.


  • Usually, last a lifetime if properly maintained on time
  • Are naturally stunning
  • Are scratch and wear-resistant


  • Very much expensive when compared to laminate benchtops
  • Stone is porous and needs regular sealing and maintenance to avoid penetration of stains
  • May break if hit by any heavy object
  • Slight damage cannot be repaired and needs the whole piece to be changed 

Laminate Bench Tops

Laminate Bench Tops
For kitchen counter and benchtops, laminated surfaces are an elegant, functional and low maintenance option. Laminated surfaces come in various shades, colors and styles and are less costly than other materials used for kitchen tops, making them an ideal budget-friendly option. Simple to clean, laminate is hard to wear, durable and easily adapted to suit your needs and your design.

Laminate benchtops are also a very popular option and many people prefer them over stone benchtops. These are constructed from laminate materials such as the MDF sheet, ply or chipboard and they can imitate the appearance of natural materials such as wood grain, granite and marble.

Laminate benchtops are waterproof but are more vulnerable to scratches and dents. They can also be damaged by excessive heat.

Laminate benchtops can imitate the appearance of natural stone at a very cost-effective price.


  • Available in an unlimited variety of colors 
  • Can imitate natural stone at a very low cost
  • Very low in price when compared to natural stone
  • Last 10 to 20 years without any maintenance


  • Can be damaged, scratched or burned by heat
  • Surface loses its Shine with cleaning and time
  • Can be damaged by water seeping into cracks
  • Not very strong when compared to stone

The Bottomline

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of any modern or traditional home. It is a tough decision to choose the final design and surface of your kitchen.

When it comes to renovation or construction of a new benchtop, the two popular and preferred choices are stone or laminate. Stone benchtops are much better looking and a touch of class as compared to laminate tops. They are also stronger, scratch-resistant and robust than laminate benchtops. Laminate benchtops, on the other hand, come in a number of  designs and can even imitate the look of stone.

At the end of the day, if you have the budget, you should definitely go for a stone benchtop instead of the laminate one. But if you can’t afford a stone benchtop, going for a laminate benchtop is also a great option.

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