Your Ultimate Guide to Exterior and Interior House Trim

Trim can turn a nice-looking house into a true stunner. Use this guide to learn everything you need about exterior and interior house trim.

What if you could add value and the wow factor to your home with one project that only costs a few dollars per foot? Interior house trim is the answer you’re looking for.

This simple project will make your home stand out as a stunner in your neighborhood. But don’t stop with just the interior of your home. Exterior home trim can take your ok house and turn it into a stunner.

Read our quick guide on the different types of trim available for your home.

Interior House Trim Options

Interior House Trim Options

Adding trim on the inside of your home will give your rooms a finished and upscale look. It can hide joints, gaps, or any other imperfection that happens when two different surfaces join together.

  • Baseboard
  • Door and window casing
  • Crown molding
  • Chari rail
  • Wainscoting
  • Wall frame molding

Crown molding wraps around the room at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. Trim at the bottom of the wall along the floor is called a baseboard.

Your doors and windows can receive a frame-like treatment that’s called a casing.

A chair rail will be a line of trim about 32 inches up from the floor. Originally it was used to protect the wall from the back of chairs. Today it’s mainly a decorative piece.

If you choose to have a chair rail, consider adding wainscoting below it. This is wood paneling that covers the bottom half of the wall.

Exterior House Trim Options

Exterior House Trim Options
While interior trim is something you can do by yourself, exterior trim is best left to the professionals like This is because your outside trim attaches to your home’s main construction of the roof and sides.

The most common forms of trim on homes these days are siding, gutters, and soffits. But there are many other options beyond these.

  • Fascia board
  • Frieze board
  • Rake board
  • Soffits
  • Boxends and gutters

Fascia and frieze boards are horizontal lines along the top of your exterior walls just below your eaves or overhangs. They give your home a finished look where the siding treatment and the roof meet. They also prevent sagging and separation.

Rake boards can act as an extension of your frieze boards or be flat against the wall. They can be subtle and small or as large as two feet to make a statement.

Soffits give the underside of your overhangs a finished look. They also protect your home from having bugs and rodents get up into your attic and nest.

Time to Trim Your Home

Time to Trim Your Home
Take a walk around your home and determine how you can use these different types of molding in and on your home. Start on the inside of your home with interior house trim.

Then walk around the outside and determine what would complement the look of your home. Remember, whatever you choose should accent and enhance. Going overboard and adding too much trim will make your home look cluttered.

Check out the outdoor section of our blog for more articles that will turn the exterior of your home into a stunner.

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