Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions Answered

Don’t be shy if this is your first time diving headfirst into the wonderful glam world of hair extensions! First timers and veterans of this rock star accessory can always stand to freshen up their knowledge on all things hair extensions. They say knowledge is power, and the more you know about extensions, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

What are hair extensions, exactly?

What are hair extensions, exactly

To put it simply, hair extensions extend your natural hair. The last decade or so has seen a revolution in the way women wear their hair, and hair extensions have been at the center. Extensions allow women to cover bald spots, relieve insecurities with thinning hair, and give them the opportunity to change their style and explore different looks with ease.

There are different types of hair extensions, all of which differ in the way they are applied to the natural hair. The most popular among them are weaving, clip-ons, tape-ins, and micro-links. While everyone has a different preference in the actual application and wear of their hair extensions, some are easier to care for and have done than others.

Are hair extensions bad for my hair?

hair extensions bad for my hair
No! The best part about hair extensions is that they aren’t bad for your natural hair in the least. Clip-ons and tape-ins offer a secure application while not damaging the natural strands of hair on your scalp. In fact, hair extensions can save your natural hair from the harmful chemicals in dye that is applied when coloring your hair, as well as protecting your natural hair from being curled, blow dried, or straightened.

Why wear hair extensions?

Why wear hair extensions
Hair extensions are your gateway to limitless styles and looks. You can avoid dying, curling, straightening, and putting endless products in your natural hair without worrying about what damage is dealt. Your hair extensions allow you to style your hair without feeling guilty, and you can easily change your look in a matter of minutes! From curly headed sweetness to pin-straight goddess, your hair extensions can do anything!

Clip-ons or tape-ins?

Clip-ons or tape-ins
This is an excellent question that in part depends on your personal preference. Are you a hair styling queen? Or would you rather leave your hair extensions in the hands of your trusted, professional hair stylist? Clip-ons can be applied at home while tape-ins are better done by a professional. If you don’t have the time to schedule an appointment with your favorite hairdresser or if you’re trying to save a few bucks, then clip-ons can be a viable option. For those who want seamless tape-ins, then it’d be better to head on down to the salon—you’ll be rocking your new extensions in thirty minutes. Find great deals here for best cordless hair clippers.

How long should my hair be for hair extensions?

How long should my hair be for hair extensions
For hair extensions, it’s recommended that you have at least ten centimeters of natural hair. Not only will this make it much easier to apply the hair extensions, but it will also look more natural, giving you a seamless blend of real hair and your wefts.

You can have long hair, too, and still want hair extensions; there are no rules here! Long hair plus hair extensions equals volume to the max, and your natural hair with hair extensions will give it a new lease on life.

How much do hair extensions cost?

 hair extensions cost
The answer varies because it truly depends on what quality of hair extensions you’re looking at purchasing. We recommend that you opt for Remy hair extensions. They’re hair extensions that aren’t made of any of that synthetic nonsense but instead, they’re created from real human hair.

For the best, most authentic look, you’ll want Remy hair extensions, regardless if you go for tape-in or clip-ons. Remy extensions do cost more, but remember you are paying for quality, and they will last much longer if you care for them the right way. For a good set of hair wefts, you might be looking at anywhere close to $100 or more.

How do I care for my new hair extensions?

How do I care for my new hair extensions
The answer is: carefully. You can shower with your extensions in and wash them by starting from the top of your scalp, slowing working your way to the tips of the hair. It’s important that you’re using the right products, too.

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