You Waited Far Too Long For This: Beds That Can Save Space



If you have ever caught yourself googling this – I need a bed that saves space in my room, then you are not alone. Sometimes our bedrooms are inadequate for the beds that are available in the market. But there are some alternatives to this dilemma. The following beds allow you to have your ideal bed and also save some space while you are at it. Curious to know how? Keep reading.

Alternative #1 – Introducing The Classic Sofa Bed

The idea of a sofa bed is said to be inspired by the design of Bernard Castro who created the Castro Convertible, which was the most glorious bed of his times. This invention came to life in 1931.

The sofa bed follows a fascinating concept. Its design works in a way that it hides a mattress and metal structure under the cushions. So all one has to do to reveal the bed is unfold the metal frame to have the mattress beneath. They are also available as either sofas or couches that can transform into sleeping beds. Which is why there are also known as sleeping beds. They are almost as comfortable as any ordinary bed too. Not only do you have a two-in-one couch, but also save the area that a bed usually occupies in a bedroom!
Introducing The Classic Sofa Bed

The Advantages of Having A Sleeper Bed

A sofa bed is a fabulous idea for the people who are on a budget. Especially for newly married couples or bachelors. Some people may not want to have another room in their house. The sofa bed comes in handy. Prices of owning the perfect bed are through the roof and sometimes waiting is your best option. Another piece of furniture can be a blow to your savings so investing in a sofa bed is like getting two for the price of one. They are portable and easy to transport. If you are someone who is on the move a lot, this is for you too. Some sofa beds even work great in vanity vans.

Alternative #2: Meet The Multi-Functional Modern Wall Bed

Wall beds or Murphy beds have a fresh take on the idea of a bed. We normally see a bed as a piece of furniture that we use for sleeping. The wall bed challenges the norm by allowing the bed to disappear into a wall or a frame when it is not being used. The way it does this is by hinging the bed on one end and attaching it to the wall. This is possible by connecting onto the head of the bed in a vertical bed. In horizontal beds, the beds usually attach themselves to either side of the wall.
Meet The Multi-Functional Modern Wall Bed

The Advantages Of Buying A Wall Bed

There are plenty of perks for a wall bed in your room. It saves a hell of space by attaching itself to the wall. It is almost as if it never existed in the first place! This also allows space for other furniture to exist in the room. Regular beds take up an ample amount of area and we never really can move most them around. It will have been years before you realize that it was not your room that was small, but your bed that was probably too big for it. Another benefit is having a storage facility. When not in use, they can also be used as a cabinet, challenging the traditional purpose that a bed serves. It is also possible to convert one of these beds into a workspace or even a dining table.


In the end, it all comes down to your affordability and comfort. Consult with your family while making your final decision on which bed to get. Let us know if this list helped. Happy Bed Shopping!

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