Wood Vs Aluminum Blinds: Which Best Suits Your Home?


Wooden blinds with sun light.

Blinds are stylish additions to any window in your home. They’re versatile accessories that you can accompany with draperies. A few factors are at play to decide if aluminum or wooden blinds are suitable for your home. While both can cover your windows, one of them could be the better choice. 

The following factors can help you decide which type to get and set up for your home.  

  • Style And Color 

Aluminum blinds have a broad range of styles, colors, and finishes. Once you start browsing, you’ll encounter kinds with bright colors and a glossy finish, neutral ones layered with a matte finish, and other varying combinations. Aluminum blinds also tend to have a built-in headrail that gives them a designer appearance.  

Wooden blinds are fashioned from basswood, oak, pine, and other types of wood. Manufacturers create these blinds with various stains and finishes to match the room’s look. Compared to aluminum blinds, wooden ones don’t have appealing headrails and cornices. You can purchase them separately as most companies provide color matching for headrails and cornices.  

If you’d like to try something new, you can order custom made Venetian blinds instead of purchasing them at warehouses or malls. Custom-made Venetian blinds are tailored to your home or place of business, and you’ll get higher-quality for less. You can also choose whether you want a wooden or aluminum kind to complement your space.  

  • Privacy And Light Blackout 

Blinds are great for providing privacy and controlling the flow of light into any room. They also contribute to home improvement efforts that serve your privacy and room aesthetics. 

Wooden blinds offer total privacy, especially if you’re in a busy area such as an urban location. The wooden slats are fitted and arranged by a thread, and the solid makeup of the wood prevents unwanted eyes from viewing shapes and shadows through the window. Wooden blinds are also doing a good job of blocking light.  

On the other hand, aluminum blinds may not provide the same level of privacy. Aluminum blinds tend to show shadows and silhouettes from the other side when the room is bright. 

Some aluminum varieties have no-holes features that help block out the light. But the ladder holes are placed at the top of the blind slat. Each slat has a bottom covering the holes underneath that efficiently prevents light from passing through.  

Beautiful woman cleaning window blinds with rag indoors, closeup

  • Durability 

Both wooden and aluminum blinds are durable and reliable. 

Wooden blinds of higher quality are lightweight and made-to-last if you know how to properly clean them. The wooden slats are easy to clean with a soft cloth wipe to get rid of dust. Tougher stains will require a mild detergent or a wood cleaner. 

It’s also worth remembering that each slat requires thorough drying because they tend to absorb water like other wooden materials. Depending on the wood, it may not take long before it starts warping and cracking. You’d want to avoid placing them in bathrooms or locations at home where there’s high humidity.  

Metal Venetian blinds have a protective layer of aluminum oxide to prevent rusting. They’re long-lasting in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and other rooms. They’re versatile and easy to clean as well. 

Using a feather duster, you can clean each slat. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, a sponge, and warm water with mild detergent. They’re best for removing dust, caked dirt, pet hair, mold, and mildew while avoiding damage.  

  • Sizing 

Both wooden and aluminum Venetian blinds have a wide array of sizes. But a specific type of blind, the aluminum kind, can be customized to the specifications you want. Some stores are accepting orders in different sizes and colors for your windows.  

It’s not uncommon to cut wooden blinds in most department stores and warehouses. Unless the blinds are made of artificial wood, the option of cutting them down to the size you need is open. But some stores are also accepting made-to-order wooden blinds tailored to the size and specification you want for your windows.  

  • Features 

Some wooden blinds are eco-friendly and made from ethically sourced materials. They’re sustainable and save the environment from further damage by avoiding the use of wood from excessive logging. 

Some companies make use of renewable plantations where the wood comes from. They can complement various styles of décor and match other wooden fixtures and furnishings.   

Modern homes may benefit more from aluminum blinds. They have protective coatings that help avoid rusting and are perfect for inland and coastal homes. They provide a sleek look for contemporary-style homes and offices with minimalistic windows.  

In Conclusion 

Blinds are best for adjusting natural light and protecting your privacy. They also provide decorative value for each room. Deciding to get either a wooden or aluminum set of blinds will depend on how they’ll look in your room and how you’ll benefit from them. 

Your lifestyle is also a factor, depending on the level of care and maintenance you can give. Ensure that you also get good quality and value for your money.  

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