6 Tips To Improve Window Security


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While windows help improve a house’s aesthetics and style, they’re also often used as a point of illegal entry into the building. Therefore, as much as you want good lighting with chic-looking windows, you need to factor in your safety and how the windows can help secure your property. 

Even if the windows already installed in your house aren’t secure at first, there are a few steps you can take to improve its security level. Read the tips discussed below on how you can enhance window security and, ultimately, your safety.

  • Inspect The Windows 

Sometimes, when moving into a new house, you may focus more on areas like plumbing, air-conditioning, and floor finishes and forget to check on the safety condition of the windows. When it comes to your security, you need to check the windows for any broken or cracked glass, loose or weak window frames, and weak locks. 

As a first step, perform this inspection to identify what to repair and what to add. 

  • Upgrade The Glass 

In most cases, a burglar would enter a building by breaking the glass window to access the locks quickly. You can install a glass break detector that sets off an alarm if the window is broken. Chances are when the alarm is set off, a burglar would abandon their plans to break into your home altogether.

Alternatively, you can install one of two types of glass windows that are stronger than regular glass. Generally, a burglar would want easy access and is likely to abort their mission if it takes them more effort and time to gain access through the window. 

One of these stronger glasses is tempered glass. Even though it may cost you more than regular glass, its strength can withstand more force. The other type of reinforced glass is Plexiglas. This window protection isn’t true glass, but it can deter any burglar. It’s important to note that this glass also costs more than regular glass. But, in the end, you may want to look at what it’s protecting as having more value than how much it costs. 

Apart from tempered glass and Plexiglas, you can install laminate glass on your windows. This glass has a plastic casing that prevents the glass from shattering if it’s hit. Although the glass may break, it won’t crash. It can, therefore, help restrict access to burglars. 

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  • Consider Additional And Upgraded Locks 

When it comes to security, you can never be too safe. Apart from the locks that come with the windows, you can add one or two more locks to further improve window security. Sometimes, the standard locks that come with your windows may have weak points. Therefore, you may need to look at other after-market locks to reinforce the windows.  

Some of the standard locks available are pin, sash, keyed, or hinged wedge. All these locks can work on single-hung, double-hung, or sliding windows. Thus, your choice can depend on your spending capacity or the type of windows you have. Any of these locks add to your overall security at home. 

  • Trim The Bushes 

Even though bushes may enhance the beauty around your home, they can also provide an area for a burglar to hide. If you have bushes close to your windows, you should consider trimming them down to street-view level. This way, anyone working on the windows can feel exposed and thus deter any chance of breaking through the window. 

Additionally, you can have some thorny shrubs just beneath the windows. As long as you keep them low, they can act as an added layer of security by causing discomfort to anyone who gets too close.

  • Install Window Bars 

As mentioned earlier, while ensuring the aesthetic qualities of your windows, also consider how easily an intruder can access your house through them. You can put some grills on the windows to restrict ease of access and act as a deterrent to anyone wanting to break in.  

Nowadays, there are window bars that help enhance the look of your home. Thus, you can maintain your style and improve your window security at the same time. 

  • Install Contact Sensors 

People usually put contact sensors on the doors but not on the windows. This is a lapse that can provide points of entry for intruders. Therefore, while securing your doors, make sure to include the windows too. With contact sensors, opening your windows without deactivating the sensors first triggers an alarm. This option can work well, especially if you’re on the ground level, where there’s an ease of access through the windows. 


Taking these steps can help deter break-ins and improve your security. Additionally, it can give you peace of mind, especially when you aren’t at home. Moreover, consider using devices such as motion-activated cameras and lights. These can come in handy during the dark hours of the night.  

To conclude, having any of the above measures isn’t the end of window security. It’s a good idea to conduct regular inspections to ensure all is well and you don’t have any breach points. 

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