Winter Savings! Tips To Keep You Warm At Home While Staying Within Budget

Can you believe it is winter already? We are getting prepped for the holiday season and trying to stay within a decent budget since we not only have our regular responsibilities, but it’s the time of the year in which we throw family dinners, friends get-togethers and buy tons of presents for our loved ones. Our wallets will certainly be feeling the pain. We need to prepare and keep a budget for other things like paying for our utilities, especially our electrical bill which will obviously be higher than normal during winter time.

We know that the coldest months of the year are here to stay for a while, and for those of us trying to live a green energy-efficient lifestyle, this can present a little problem. After all, how are we supposed to keep warm in these chilly winter months?

There is off course, the obvious option: we can always crank up the heat. But that has more than its share of drawbacks, between wasted energy and high electric bills that sap funds away from your holiday spending money. Instead, consider a few other methods for keeping your home nice and toasty. I promise that these won’t put a freeze on your wallet.

Step Away From the Thermostat…


Well, after you program it, that is. Heating your home can account for 50 percent of your electric bill during fall and winter, so a programmable thermostat is a great way to keep your energy costs down and keep your home a comfortable temperature.

You may be wondering precisely how you should program your thermostat – that is, what temperature is best for a warm and toasty home. This varies depending on your personal preference, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees. This temperature been scientifically proven to be the most comfortable during the winter months (and if you disagree, you can always curl up with a soft, fluffy blanket).

Programming the thermostat also allows you to keep your home energy-efficient all day long. Lower the temperature to 62 degrees while you’re at work or asleep to save energy when you’re not using it, and consider dropping it even lower (as low as 55 degrees) while you’re traveling during the holiday season. You won’t regret it; not only will you shrink your carbon footprint by saving energy, every degree you lower the thermostat in winter amounts to about a three percent savings on your bill!

Invest in Insulation

The return on investment with insulation is not just financial. With insulation you’re investing in your health, and the health of your family. While insulation plays a big role in keeping us healthy, it has to be accompanied by high quality building practices and other measures such as roof and wall ventilation. When you install proper roof and wall ventilation, it ensures that fresh air is able to replace stale indoor air that may contain moisture, pollutants, smoke and odours.

New insulation not only helps keep your home nice and warm, but also new insulation increases the value of your home. If you decide to sell your home, you will certainly see the ROI on the insulation investment.

Use warm clothes and blankets at home

Use warm clothes and blankets at home
Getting a beautiful new scarf? Well now you can use it all winter long! Bundling up at home can certainly help in keeping your electric bill low. You may want to grab some blankets and cover up while you are watching tv or just chilling out in your living room. If you will be doing some house work, you may want to wear some sweatpants and a hoodie which is probably more comfortable while still keeping you warm.

With simple tips like these, you’ll be able to keep your costs low this winter.

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