Winter Safety for Your Pet

Now that the colder weather is setting in, it’s time to carry out all of the essential checks to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable for the winter. With such drastic weather changes, from wind and rain to heavy snow, it’s important to be prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you and plan in advance before the bad weather sets in. From keeping your pet indoors through strong conditions, to ensuring they’re warm and dry, continue reading for the top tips to help you keep your pet happy and healthy through winter.

Potential Health Risks

Potential Health Risks

Just like humans, animals can experience certain health issues during the winter. With colder weather and wet conditions, certain health issues can occur that you may not consider during other months of the year. It’s especially important to be aware of pets that are older and weaker, as certain conditions can come on quickly and may need addressing quickly. One of the best examples for health risks during the winter is arthritic bones. When the conditions are warm and dry, arthritis may be much calmer and less intense, whereas once the cold weather sets in you may see a big change in your pet’s mobility. This is because their joints may have become sorer due to the cold, so it’s important to take them to the vet to have the necessary checks done and treat the joints if needed. You can also find a great selection of joint care solutions online at Petwell, that are designed to help deal with your pets joints and keep them mobile and strong.

Catching a Cold

You wouldn’t head outside in the cold, wet weather without a protective layer of clothing and whilst our pets often have a thick coat of fur to keep them warm, it’s not always enough. Snow and rain can be really irritable for our pets, especially when they aren’t dried properly. It’s also possible for dogs to catch a cold, causing them to sneeze or cough which can be really disrupting to their normal routine. With so many practical coats and clothing items available, as well as cute ones, you can find a great choice of waterproof dog coats to protect them slightly from the rain or snow. Take a look online at outdoor specialist Trespass, as they stock a quality range of durable dog coats designed to keep your pet warm but most importantly, comfortable.

Keeping Warm and Dry

Keeping Warm and Dry
Constant rain and wet conditions can cause your pets skin to become sore and itchy. After being wet from the rain, drying can cause your pets skin to be uncomfortable so it’s always beneficial to give them a proper wash and dry them off to ensure their skin stays in good condition. Be sure to use a moisturising shampoo, which can be found in the Animology range, to ensure your pets skin stays hydrated and smooth. Bathing can often reduce the natural oils in the skin, which will have a negative effect in the cold weather, so it’s important to use a moisturising product on them.

Be Aware of Poisons

Our pets are exposed to poison risks all year around, but do you know which feature most during the winter? From the typical Christmas food such as chocolate, alcohol and citrus fruits, to outdoor risks such as poinsettia. Whether you’re creating a lovely Christmas display, or using poinsettia in your Christmas wreath, please be cautious when using these items around your pet, as they are poisonous and can cause extreme risks to pets if consumed.

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