Will Pico Laser Treatment Remove Tattoo Completely?


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Do you have a pressing need to remove your tattoos? Well, Pico laser treatment could be the best treatment you will need to get rid of your tattoos.

At The Artisan Wellness clinic, we offer doctor-guided laser tattoo treatments. Of note among the best laser tattoo removal techniques is the Pico laser tattoo treatment.

We recommend it for most patients because of its efficiency at shattering tattoo ink to minimize the target tattoo’s appearance on your skin significantly. It is also quick, with better recovery times, implying that you will most certainly not need some time off recovering after this treatment.

Is Pico the Best Tattoo Removal Technique?

Pico is one of the most advanced tattoo removal treatments. It is the gold standard in tattoo removal and would be an excellent option for you if you have stubborn tattoos.

Pico laser tattoo removal is majorly preferred because, unlike the conventional laser tattoo removal options, which use nanosecond technology to remove the tattoos, it delivers energy in pulses equaling just one-trillionth of a second. The ultra-short bursts delivered by Pico lasers work by maximizing the photomechanical impact of laser energy. 

This helps in efficiently shattering the target ink into very tiny particles that your body can easily eliminate. Even though Pico is one of the best treatments in tattoo removal, we cannot guarantee that it will 100 percent remove your tattoos. 

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The efficiency of removing tattoos is influenced by factors that range from your skin type to your tattoos’ location and, most importantly, the colors of your tattoos. For instance, your dermatologist may need to combine different lasers to effectively erase your tattoos if your tattoos are very colorful (consist of varied colors).This is important because of the massive difference in how different ink colors respond to different laser wavelengths.

How many Sessions of Pico Laser Treatment does it take to remove a Tattoo?

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, every tattoo responds differently to laser treatments depending on variables like the chemical composition of the ink used in your tattoos, your skin type, the density and depth of the ink placement. With Pico, your treatments can be performed more frequently than you’d have had with conventional tattoo removal options.

Most people have their tattoos cleared within 3 to 5 treatments, spaced between 6-8 weeks apart. To determine the number of treatments that would be ideal for you, it would help if you had a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.

During the consultation, the skin doctor will review your condition and factors that may affect your treatment. From here, they will give you an estimate of the number of treatments that would help remove the tattoo. 

Note that tattoo fading isn’t an overnight fix. It is a slow process that would require a bit of patience on your end. To get the best value from your treatment, you may need to wait for around eight weeks.

Is Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Permanent?

One of Pico tattoo removal’s most significant advantages is that the results from this treatment are permanent. Once it has shattered the tattoo ink particles, they’ll get removed from your body, leaving you with nicer looking skin.

Since this treatment results are permanent, you should not expect your tattoos to creep back again. Usually, the only exception would be if you used Pico laser treatment to reverse signs of aging like removing wrinkles, etc. 

In such cases, the condition may return gradually as your skin ages. The good news, though, is that this treatment is gentle and affordable when compared to invasive skin restoration surgeries. This means that you can get another treatment to deal with the conditions like wrinkles that may creep back up.

Pico Tattoo Removal Aftercare: Here’s what to Do/Avoid after Having Pico Laser Treatment for Tattoos

Before agreeing on a date to begin your treatments, your dermatologist will brief you on some of the things you can expect during treatment and after your treatment. They will also brief you on what to do or avoid when preparing for the treatment and how you can take care of yourself after treatment to get optimal results.

Real quick, here are some of the essential Pico tattoo removal aftercare guidelines you will need to observe after your treatment.

  • Crusting

You may experience crusting on the treatment areas. We understand that it may be intriguing to remove that crusting. The best thing you can do to avoid getting wounds that would later develop into scars is to avoid any interference with the crusting. That means that you will be required not to pick or shave it.

  • Sun Exposure

Do not expose the treated areas to the sun. If possible, avoid sun exposure until the treatment area heals completely. Be sure always to use a sunblock every time you walk in the sun and reapply it every 2 hours. The recommendable sunblock should be a 30+ SPF with zinc oxide.

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  • Scratching and Rubbing

The treated area may also feel itchy. This is primarily common as you heal. We highly recommend that you do not scratch or rub the treatment areas as that would lead to the development of wounds or infections, which may not be easy to deal with.

  • Hygiene

It would also be helpful if you kept the treatment area clean. Ideally, you can let your shower water run over the area and then pat it dry.

  • Hot Baths and Swimming

It is also recommendable that you avoid hot tubs and whirlpools. You will also need to avoid sunbathing or tanning treatments until you’ve fully healed. You will also need to avoid photosensitive drugs as they would increase your risks of getting sunburns on the treated areas.

  • Cover Up Tattoos

Finally, if you were considering Pico tattoo removal to lighten your tattoo so you can get a cover-up one, we recommend that you don’t do it immediately after your treatment. Ideally, it would help if you wait until your skin has recovered from the first treatment before getting the cover-up tattoo. For this case, you may need to wait for around six weeks before getting the new tattoo in the place of the old one you were removing.

Take Away

Pico laser treatment is one of the most favored tattoo removal options. It is not only quick but also effective with minimal risks of complications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you remove any unwanted tattoos of your skin.

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