Why Your Next Cruise Should Be a Yacht Cruise

It is hard to deny that traveling is one of the most interesting and exciting activities to do during a vacation. There is an incredible opportunity to visit a great number of countries, to challenge yourself in an unusual habitat, to have a fascinating adventure, to expand your knowledge of different cultures’ features, to open new perspectives, to make new friends and, the most important thing, to have a good rest after hard work.

Nowadays, a cruise holiday is gaining more and more popularity rather than flying or driving for a vacation. The main advantage is that you can have a trip not only to one destination, but also to several ones, without changing the place to stay, because you are living on a cruise ship itself.

In addition, cruise ships provide many fabulous itineraries to the most remote regions of our world. Moreover, while sailing you may also see unforgettable views and enjoy the marvelous beauty of nature.

If you are an avid traveler, who is tired of usual ways of getting around during trips and even tried a sailing vacation or just afraid of scary stories about crowded ships, then your next voyage should be a yacht cruise.

Cruise Should Be a Yacht Cruise3

Why should you choose a yacht?

Cruise ships usually carry around 200 – 500 people per trip, which might be uncomfortable for those who like privacy, quiet or want something exclusive and unique. Therefore, travelers who are seeking ocean adventures may have a yacht cruise instead. They may experience a high level of amenity and provided services, like comfortable cabins, delicious food and drinks, which are not available on a cruise ship, and a lot of free space.

It is also a perfect choice for a family vacation, due to the amount of entertainment and leisure activities that are available on a yacht rental in Tulum. For example, a swimming pool, a spa center, jacuzzi and even a gym. Furthermore, traveling by this vessel eliminates the need to rush, so it is possible to stay at any spot a little longer, taking more photos, enjoying views etc..

In comparison to cruise ships that provide only mass-cooked food, which may not suit your taste and are uncomfortable for those who are allergic to some products, having a voyage by a yacht also means that you are having your meals customized according to your liking and preferences.

What is more is that you do not need to extra pay for drinks like water, cocktails, wine, champagne and other alcohol and soft drinks. There is also a bar, where you can go and drink whatever and whenever you want. Ragnaryacht is one of the few private yachts that can carry its passengers to almost every part of the world starting from warm islands’ beaches to the coolest continents. The vessel satisfies nearly all your desires, which allows getting the most out of your vacation.

Another reason to pick a yacht cruise is that you have a chance to choose the itinerary, and time to travel. It is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the limited amount of drafts and unite with nature, and abstract from the noisy city life. Moreover, you have a chance to visit non-tourist areas, which is impossible for cruise ships.

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Therefore, why not to learn to sail and to find detailed information about steering a yacht, tacking or anything else first-hand, from the captain. Besides, the crew is guiding you personally, which will create the impression of exploring everything yourself which looks much more thrilling compared to being a tourist and just observing and listening to the excursion.

However, if you want to meet new people, there are a lot of yacht-cruise hybrids, which are almost hotels on water, that are able to carry around 100 people, and take the best from ships and private yachts.  

What you need to know?

Before starting your journey there are plenty of things to do starting. One of them is to do research about cruise lines, itineraries, dates, required documents and cost. In addition, you might choose the right travel agency or find how to charter a private yacht. There is a range of differences having a trip alone or with family, so you should prepare your luggage considerably, so that it will not spoil the vacation.

During the voyage, you should never forget about your safety, so make sure that among members of the chosen crew there is a doctor, who is professional enough to be able to treat passengers during emergencies. Yet, you should bring your own first-aid kit especially if you have special problems, like allergy, which might not be available on a yacht.  


Spending a vacation on a yacht cruise is a trip where you will get unforgettable and spectacular experience, feel the most thrilling and treasured emotions. You will also plunge into beauty and intimacy of wildlife, yet with comfortable rest, lavish entertainment and exclusive services.

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