How to Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

If you own a home with a yard, you’d surely want to enjoy the outdoors, spending time playing with your kids, gardening, or having family get-togethers. No matter how many ways you think of utilizing your beautiful patch of green space, the thought of pesky mosquitoes is sure to ruin your plans. Having a yard may also result in troops of mosquitoes entering your home and causing a nuisance in your daily activities. You may often find yourself thinking about how to keep these pests away and protect your family from their nasty bite. In order to achieve a mosquito-free home, you must come up with a plan that can effectively get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away for good! From destroying mosquito breeding grounds to getting help from professional mosquito control services, here are some tips to keep your home mosquito-free.

Eliminate all sources of a breeding ground

The first step to a mosquito-free home is to get rid of mosquito larvae before they can become the next generation of adult biting mosquitoes. For that, you’ll have to eliminate standing water from your yard as this is the most common breeding ground for these insects. Even a few drops of water can hold a whole raft of mosquito larvae. Whether trash, piles of leaves, toys, or patio furniture, try to keep clear of all these items or make sure they are dry. If you have standing water you can’t remove, treat the water with a mosquito larvicide.

Use Citronella Candles

Before you call in the mosquito control services, you may want to consider some home remedies. And, one of the best ways to naturally repels mosquitoes is a natural plant extract called citronella. You can easily find citronella candles to use around important areas in your house. These candles offer two major benefits; their heat will be enough to repel mosquitoes and other winged insects, and their smell will add extra defense to your home.

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Use Insecticides

The use of insecticides is the most common and effective temporary solution to eliminate mosquitoes from your house. They kill mosquitoes and prevent them from returning. However, not all insecticides are created equal. For example, the insecticide DEET has been around since the 1940s, but it can have many unpleasant side effects. Newer insecticides have been made to replace DEET and serve as lesser harmful alternatives. Nonetheless, whichever insecticide you use, make sure to consult with your neighborhood mosquito control services to learn more about its effectiveness and safety concerns before you use it.

Install screens on your windows and doors

One of the most recommended ways to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home is to install screens on your windows and doors. However, before installing the screens, you must make sure that they are of good quality and actually designed for mosquito control. You may want to consult with professionals who offer mosquito control services to be 100% sure that the screens are good to keep mosquitoes out. 

Drop Camphor Around the House

Camphor is one of the most effective mosquito repellants. There are many ways to use camphor. For instance, you can light a few pieces of it and leave it off in the corner where mosquitoes are most present. Within half an hour or so, you’ll find your home mosquito-free. You can also place a few camphor tablets in the corners of your room where mosquitoes are existent. These tablets will evaporate within the day, making the area free of mosquitoes along with cleaner air.

Go Natural

If you still haven’t heard of mosquito-repellent plants and bushes well then, it’s time to do your research! Many plants may reduce your mosquito load, if not eliminate the population altogether. A natural way to prevent mosquitoes from infesting your home is to keep a few plants like citronella, marigold, lantana, lavender, lemon balm, and basil. These mosquito-repelling plants are accessible and are easy to grow. However, some of these plants may be dangerous to your pets, so try placing them on your window sills and at the balcony away from your pets’ reach.

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Maintain Your Yard

To keep your house free of mosquitos, it is recommended to keep your yard well- maintained. You can do this by trimming shrubs and regularly mowing your lawn. As mosquitoes aren’t great flyers, they like to stay out of the breeze. They often rest in bushes and tall grass during the day, so it’s best to eliminate such options.


Many may not know this, but garlic is not only effective in keeping the fictional vampires away, but it also works on the real-life bloodsuckers (mosquitoes). You may find the odor to be unpleasant, but it’s precisely that that repels mosquitoes from your home. You can simply crush a few cloves in water and spray this solution around your house’s nooks and crannies. All kinds of bloodsuckers will stay away for sure!

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another surprising way of repelling mosquitoes from infesting your home. All you need to do is sprinkle a few grounds in areas where there is stagnant water existing near your home. The coffee grounds will make the mosquito eggs float onto the surface. And when this happens, the larvae will run out of oxygen, dying even before they are hatched. This, as a result, will prevent the mosquitoes from breeding further and staying clear of the area.

Consult the Pros

When dealing with mosquitoes, home remedies are not enough on their own. To eliminate these pests once and for all, you will need to best to consult experts on the matter. 

For affordable mosquito control services, call the experts at Mosquito Sheriff now! We comprise a highly principled team of trained pest management professionals providing quality mosquito control treatments. Our work is systematic and provides guaranteed results.

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