Why Your Business Should Consider Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong Central

If considering making the leap into Hong Kong’s business arena, now more than ever is the time to really benefit from a platform that can give your business so much visibility. In locations all around the province, coworking spaces are helping businesses get established in a place renowned for being a place for business, and it is no wonder. From Central to Causeway Bay, businesses can find themselves in very corporate or trendy business communities.

The Central, especially, is one of the most popular places to do business. As the financial centre of the business district, both conglomerates and businesses owned by the province’s most influential families can be seen in this area. However, for a business to move into any one of these illustrious offices, it costs quite a bit, as Hong Kong rents are extremely high in comparison to other places worldwide.

Keep reading to learn why Hong Kong Central is a great place to rent a coworking space.

World-Class, World-Renowned Office Space

World-Class, World-Renowned Office Space

Hong Kong Central is one of the provinces most well-known areas, and if you decide to join a coworking space in the area, you have quite a bit of choice. For one, Two International Finance Centre (IFC) is one of its most well-known buildings. It stands 415-metres high, has 88 stories and faces the Central Waterfront. It is considered the world’s third highest building and boasts amazing views across Victoria Harbour and the city skyline. Servcorp coworking spaces – Hong Kong Central on Level 19 of this very same building and its occupants have a great view of the splendour that makes up the financial district.

Another famous landmark, the Hong Kong Club, is one of the province’s well-respected historical buildings. Originally a vestige of British colonialism, it has been renovated to reflect more modern times. The building has 21 storeys, but it also has some of the same harbour and skyline views as the IFC building. These are just two of a number of amazing buildings from which businesses can work.

For those working in these buildings, you can expect to work in offices that are fitted out with the finest furnishings. These buildings are usually retrofitted with the latest technologies and are usually staffed with professional, courteous receptionists and other support staff. The buildings are well-maintained, and more importantly, clean, so running your business from any one of the buildings that make up Central can be made easier.

Access To Resources And People

Access To Resources And People
Working in the Central District will also place you in very close proximity to other businesses and foot traffic, which is vital to many businesses. In the area, professionals can find themselves working near transit, other larger businesses, and a variety of dining and leisure establishments. Bus, trams, taxis, and Starr Ferry Terminal are all in distance of the businesses that are in this area. Then, there is at least one covered walkway that accesses other Central buildings. More importantly, Central is located near the airport.

In the vicinity, businesses might find a great deal of high-end retail stores and well-known dining establishments, for example, the Four Seasons. There is also one of the provinces major malls that sits near the IFC building and other landmark establishments that make the area a great place to work. Let’s not forget the influential businesses that also call Central home. Moving your business to this area can translate into having possibilities to connect with businesses, regardless of stature or size.

Making The Central Move

Making The Central Move
Central District is a famed district around the world. Having the chance to work from one of its grand offices is the chance to work in one of the most astute corporate climates. More importantly, it can give you the chance to rub shoulders with the big wheels who run Hong Kong.

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