The Types of Chairs. What Makes a Chair Comfortable?


One thing we know about chairs is that they sure come in a great diversity of types. Truth be told, it can be even overwhelming when you’re looking for chairs for your home and don’t know where to begin with.

The living area is one space that different type of chairs may change the feel completely. Without any further ado, here are the most important types of chairs to check:

  • Occasional chair

Occasional chair
Its name pretty much says it all; the occasional chair is the one that you only use any now and then. It’s the chair you use when you have guests over. This doesn’t mean that they cannot become the accent items in a room when they stand out with their decorative value and look.

  • Wing chair

Wing chair
This is rather a traditional type of chair, but many modern designers are constantly re-interpret the wing chair.

The side panels (or the “wings” on the back) make the wing chair stand out from the crowd. In the beginning, they were used for shielding from drafts in a room or excessive heat from the fireplace. Nowadays, the wing chairs offer a comfy surface to place your head while napping. This is the chair you want for your reading or lounging time.

  • Side chair

We typically use side chairs in the dining room. A side chair is rather small and features a frame that may not be upholstered. The frame is solid and side chairs may have/not have arms. The back and the seat may also not be upholstered.

One may use side chairs for extra seating in a living room as they’re not very bulky.

  • Club chair

Club chair
Cushy, upholstered and featuring arms, the club chair has a low back and it’s typically upholstered in leather.

It’s a traditional type of chair (it has been used since the 19th century in England). Even if leather is the traditional option, the club chair comes in the fabric as well.

  • Slipper chair

Slipper chair
The armless upholstered chair, the slipper chair comes with short legs. It sits closer to the ground and its low height makes it easy to identify. It\s a comfortable option for many out there.

The slipper chair was used in ladies bedrooms for sitting, but its place is anywhere around the house nowadays.

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  • Chaise longue

This is a long chain that allows you to stretch your legs without using an ottoman. The back is typically designed at a semi-reclining angle, which makes this chair a top choice for comfortable relaxation time.

  • Recliners

The recliner is a popular choice for reading and watching media. It comes in both leather and fabric style. It allows you to put your feet up and relax, stowing the footrest when you want to go.

  • Klismos chairs

The elegant curves of the klismos chair are the main reason behind their popularity out there. it was the Greeks that designed them for the first time, but the form has been throughout some changes over the centuries.

The klismos chairs come in a nice variety of materials and coverings with wood, leather and metal being the most popular ones.

  • Chair and a half

Chair and a half
This is a useful piece of furniture. It’s a bit larger than a chair and smaller than a loveseat. It’s a great choice as a chair for larger people. Its width turns it into a great piece of furniture for a lounging area. There are many styles to choose from. some come with a tight seat and a tight back, whereas others may come with loose cushions for the back and seat.

It’s really a versatile type of chair that you may use for a bedroom or any other small room around the house.

What makes a chair comfortable?

It goes without saying that not all types of chairs are comfortable. Your weight, height, the centre of gravity and the way you sit matter. In order to be comfortable, a chair should come with some specific features.

Here’s what to look for when searching for the most comfortable chair out there:
the seat

As it supports your weight, the seat is definitely the most critical feature in terms of comfort. Here are some aspects to pay attention to when selecting:

  • Angle: it has to be perpendicular to the floor (you cannot be comfy when your knees are pointing up/down). The seat height has to match your body. Most chairs are 18in high at the seat, but you may find higher/lower seats than that.
  • Feel- the seat should be soft, yet able to provide firm support. When too hard, it gets uncomfortable really fast. If the seat sinks in too much, you’re not going to get out of the chair that easy.
  • Width- a wider seat is better when you want to lounge in the chair.
  • Depth- a tall person needs a seat with greater depth so that it’s more comfortable for the legs. One with bad knees or not very tall may find a shallow depth a better choice. You want to sit completely back in the chair so that the bottom of the chair is touching your calves (with little to no pressure).
  • The back

The back has to provide lumbar support to the lower back. get a chair with neck support for your reading/TV watching. A chair with a lower back is good for conversation as you sit up straighter.

You can find chairs with a tight cover or loose cushions. Cushions make the most comfortable choice, for the obvious reasons.

  • The arms

Whether you’re getting a chair with arms or not is totally up to you. It’s all about how often or for how long you’re using the chair. How you sit in the chair also matters. When your back is curved in a bit, you should go with a chair with support and not armrests per se.

Resting your arms on armrests is good in many situations, especially when you’re using the chair a lot. However, if you only use a chair any now and then, the arms are a feature to overlook.

There are many styles for the arms. You may select between upholstered models or arms made with wood/metal/other material. Some arms are padded on the top, for more comfort. No matter the style, you should feel your arms rest naturally on the arms of the chair.

  • Overall value

Overall value
The quality build tells you about the durability and the comfort level that a chair can provide. the looks of the chair also count as you don’t want one that loses its looks sooner than anticipates.

The rule of thumb is to pay that extra buck if you can afford it. it’s going to be an investment in the long run, nevertheless.

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