Why Your Business May Need An Inspection After Lockdown



All around the UK COVID-19 lockdowns are gradually being lifted. The powers that be have opened pubs, public spaces, and other previously shuttered businesses. While this is great news for business owners, there is a downside. You see, with businesses having been shut for so long, many of these businesses are now infested with pests. 

It’s easy to see why this happens. Closed commercial premises are a source of shelter, building material, and food for pests. This is especially true if your business sells food. For example, if you run a pub, restaurant, or takeaway. In fact, in our experience the majority of these establishments have become pest infested. After all, these businesses were the primary target of lockdown measures. 

Another reason why pests are infesting London businesses is simply because there is no one there. Most pests actively seek to avoid humans. They are also nocturnal and only come out at night. This means your empty business is the perfect place to hide. There’s no one around to disturb them and they can feed on any food they happen to find. 

While this problem is extremely irritating for business owners, it is also extremely dangerous. The reason why is simple: pests spread deadly diseases. This is especially true in the case of food pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies. 

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If you’re in the food business then it’s critically important that you’re aware of this. You cannot allow pests to multiply and spread diseases to your patrons. This is even more important now that London’s lockdown is lifting and you can finally do business again. Few business can afford the double blow of lockdown and customers becoming ill due to diseases spread by pests. 

Pests also cause damage. Depending on the number of pests in your business, this damage can be severe. Rodents gnaw on everything and will tear apart your property. They chew on wood, concrete, and even electrical cables. This is why it’s so important that you remove these pests. This damage is costly and will have to be repaired. Also, the longer it goes on, the more expensive it becomes. 

Pests breed and at unbelievable, eye popping rate. A handful of pests can grow to thousands in only a few weeks. This is why all businesses should have a pest inspection before opening. Do not simply open. Call in a pest inspector to have a look around. With a pest inspection you can find out if you have pests or not. If pests are found they can be eliminated, and prevention measures can be put in place. 

Even if you do not visibly spot pests they can be there. Remember, pests are skilled at hiding away from humans. You may think that your business is free of pests. Meanwhile they have scurried into some corner, and are waiting to wreak havoc. You do not need the added stress of a pest infestation when you’re reopening. You already have enough on your plate without needing pest control in London on top of everything else. 

The bottom line is that you absolutely cannot have pests in your business when opening back up. If this happens it will reflect badly on your business and can harm your reputation. This is something which really should not happen at this time. Pests also spread diseases and cause damage. All of these problems can be solved with a simple pests inspection. It’s cheap and fast! Don’t leave things to chance, hire a pest inspector today.

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