5 Essential Tree Care Tips To Keep It Healthy


Gardener pruning a tree

Trees are a lovely element to have in any outdoor space. Those who have trees in their yards appreciate the natural beauty that they provide. When you have trees, they not only enhance your property aesthetically but also boost the overall curb value of your home.  

To maximize the benefits of having trees, make it a priority to keep them healthy for years to come. And it requires a daily maintenance, so you can ask for help to Syracuse arborists for tree care. Here are several essential care tips to keep the trees in your property in good shape: 

1. Landscape Care 

The majority of homeowners will take care of their landscaping only during spring, yet starting as early as fall will make springtime cleaning easier to handle. When you have a few trees on your property, there are essential steps to consider when prepping your trees for the cold weather:  

  • Prune away any unruly branches 
  • Check the trees for insect damage, indicators of disease, or dying limbs 
  • Provide the right amount of organic mulch and water as nourishment 
  • Plant new trees during the fall to extend the growing season in the following year 

When you have healthy trees, they won’t die as easily, lose branches, and attract termites or other pests. Keeping the trees in your property healthy will help prevent unwanted damage to your outdoor space and home in the long run.  

2. Weekly Pruning And Mulching 

Although keeping your trees in good shape shouldn’t require much effort, it’s best to observe basic measures to ensure that they’ll last for many years. The best way to start is to surround the foot of the trees with mulch. The mulch is responsible for protecting the trees against overwatering and overfertilizing. Layer two to three inches of mulch and make sure to avoid contact with the bark. Do not forget to get rid of the old mulch prior to the application of a fresh layer. In case you find it challenging to tackle the pruning task, some reliable professionals can help, including Tree Trimming Corpus Christi

The majority of trees don’t require much pruning. It’s crucial to remember that the growth can slow down when pruning since the tree has to recuperate first before growth continues. The best time to trim trees is when you see dying branches or those with cracks due to a rainstorm or strong wind. Make sure to observe proper safety when trimming these branches away from the tree. It’ll go a long way in preventing them from falling or causing damage to your property. 

3. Some Trees Require Minimal Care 

Tree trunk base with mulch and green grass

Even the most casual observer of the natural world knows that trees don’t require humans to thrive. Most trees can develop on the spot they’re growing in, but certain actions can cause damage. A good example is parking a car underneath a tree regularly, which compresses the ground into a solid mass, making it hard for the roots to develop and shift through the soil.  

In some instances, homeowners might decide to build a structure near or around a tree. Avoid constructing any structure close to a tree on your property. The tree roots require enough space to grow properly.  

4. Learn About The Different Tree Diseases 

It’s best to observe the trees on your property regularly for any changes. When a tree develops a disease, changes will manifest, such as stunted growth or rapid discoloration. Spotting any unusual changes to a tree will be helpful if you’re going to get in touch with an arborist to decide on the right solutions.  

In case you don’t know the type of trees on your property, it might be time to identify them so you can research how to provide the best care possible along with local threats such as diseases and pests.  

5. Select The Suitable Trees To Plant On Your Property 

If you’re eager to plant new trees on your property, you should choose the right ones. Some of the considerations include how tall and wide the tree will get once it reaches maturity, how fast it’ll grow, and many more. Additionally, you should also consider the maintenance the trees require, especially how much leaves they shed.  

It’s also crucial to consider if the leaves will land onto the street or driveway during fall. Damp leaves have the potential to be slippery. Even one layer of moist leaves will make maneuvering your vehicle difficult.  


When trees are growing on your property, they provide several benefits, such as improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, boosting its value, and creating a healthy environment. With the benefits the trees provide, it’s crucial to provide them with proper tree care. Keeping your trees in good condition for years to come is possible with the help of these helpful tree care tips.

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