Why You Need Carbon Brushes To Change Your Home’s Overall Look


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Household electrical systems contribute to the overall feel and look of your home. But, some homeowners tend to overlook their home’s electrical aspect and settle on the bare minimum electrical work.

To enhance the overall look of your home, why not improve your electrical work and consider adding carbon brushes?

What’s A Carbon Brush?

In the electrical context, a carbon brush is an electromechanical conducting device that primarily provides electrical current to commutators and stationary components of a motor or generator. For a rotating machine to function effectively, the performance of the brush is a deciding factor, thus you have to choose the best type of brush to use.

Before carbon brushes were found to be a better option, brushes were usually made of copper. But, carbon stood as the more preferred motor brush material because of its outstanding characteristics, which will be elaborated later.

The four common brush grades of carbon brushes are:

Carbon-graphite brushes
Graphite carbon brushes
Metal graphite carbon brushes
Electrographite carbon brushes

Carbon brushes have a plethora of applications, ranging from automotive, industry, to household uses. Although carbon brushes don’t easily wear out, it’s great to have backups. You can buy replacement brushes for power tools at topdealsonline.shop here.

Now, going on to the best part, here are the top reasons why you should consider getting carbon brushes to change the overall look of your home:

1. Excellent Conductivity

Probably one of the best reasons why carbon brushes are the best brush material option for household use is their reliable and excellent conductivity.

In simpler terms, electrical conductivity pertains to how much it can carry electrical current to another electrical component. Since it considerably has high conductivity, it’s ideal not just for large-scale industrial projects, but also perfect for powering appliances in your home.

Also, carbon brushes aren’t one-size-fits-all components. But they’re often manufactured with the right selection of materials and production processes, depending on where they’re used for.

For instance, carbon brushes incorporated with lead is great for vacuum cleaners because it has smaller cross-sections that can clean even with reduced input power.

2. Abrasion Resistance and Superior Self-Lubrication

Carbon is highly resistant to abrasion due to two main properties: carbon’s layered crystal structure enables it to have a low coefficient of friction, which means that the carbon material slides more effectively against steel and other electrical components than other materials. Moreover, its self-lubricating properties also allow it to become abrasion-resistant.

Thus, since carbon is an abrasion-resistant material, it’s very cost-effective and convenient when used for your home appliances and machines. Carbon brushes can last a longer time than other brushes, meaning that it can serve you longer for many household purposes.

3. Superb Durability

When your generators are producing too much heat and energy, your brushes have a tendency to expand, technically known as thermal expansion.

Carbon brushes have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that they don’t easily succumb to changes in quality and shape despite extreme changes in temperature. Also, they’re resistant to melting down, softening, and fusing with other metals, preventing sparking and other electrical issues during operations.

Moreover, carbon metal has a high melting point (1425 ℃ to 1540 ℃) compared to copper (1085 ℃). While the motor is working and producing heat, the carbon brushes don’t heat up easily and stabilize the temperature in the system.

In this comparison made between brush and brushless generators, it was noted that the main drawbacks of brush generators are greater friction and loss, shorter life, lower efficiency, and lower power output. However, a carbon type brush doesn’t have the mentioned characteristics, which is a great reason why you’ll need a carbon brush for your home.

4. Proper Carbon Brush Maintenance

When equipment and machines fail, one factor to look at is your carbon brush since they might have stopped operating due to failure. To keep your carbon brushes in tiptop shape, always remember to maintain them or replace them eventually.

The best way to maintain your carbon brushes is to do a regular cleaning with an air compressor. Check for any dirt, damage, blackened parts, dust, and other damages, and clean them carefully. For additional assistance, you can ask help from the carbon brush manufacturer or distributor so you’ll have a better understanding of their maintenance.


For homeowners that are not too familiar with electrical works, the use of carbon brushes can be unfamiliar for them. While you might think that it’s up for your electrician in managing these electrical components, they actually have a lot of contributions to enhancing the overall look of your home, in small ways that you wouldn’t imagine.

Thanks to carbon brushes’ excellent conductivity, abrasion resistance, superior self-lubrication, outstanding rideability, and superb durability, you’ll definitely need more than one for numerous home applications.

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