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Why Is It Worth It to Make Your Own Wood Flower Wedding Bouquet?

Weddings require significant financial investment and it is hard for couples to set a budget and stick to it. To do so they have to establish how much money they need for the clothing, music, photography wedding arrangements and bouquets, and so on. Couples who are on a tight budget can find ways to save money. For example, instead of using natural flowers for their decorations and bouquets they can use sola wood flowers. A wood flower wedding bouquet is much more affordable than a natural one, especially for those who are not afraid to engage in a DIY project. There are DIY wedding bouquet kits that contain all the supplies needed to create a perfect sola wood bouquet.

Why Choose Wood Flower Bouquet over a Natural One?

Brides pay attention to every little aspect when they organize their wedding and they want everything to be perfect. The bride’s bouquet is a central piece and its importance should not be ignored. Natural flowers are no longer the only option couples have when it comes to their arrangements and bouquets. Numerous brides seem to prefer a wood flower wedding bouquet. According to an article in Royal Wedding, Brides that dream of having a unique bouquet, one that they can keep forever, can choose a sola wood flower bouquet that is a wonderful alternative to its natural counterpart.

There are alternatives to natural flowers that look equally stunning and these are sola wood flowers. Ladies that choose a wood flower wedding bouquet can enjoy all the advantages it brings:

  • It adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall attire of the bride
  • It is designed to withstand hot summer days- fresh flowers are affected by hot summer sun as well as by humidity; couples that decide to use sola flowers will no longer have to worry about this issue. Their arrangements and bouquets will look great in photos and reality. 
  • Couples can use any type of flowers they want for their bouquet as they are not restricted by season or availability during a certain period. 
  • Duos can save money by creating their bouquets by themselves; this is an enjoyable process, one that brings people together and helps them forget about how stressful the wedding planning process can be. 
  • They can preserve it for as long as they please as long as they store it properly. 

Wooden flowers are a wonderful option for couples that are not stubborn about using natural flowers on their wedding day.

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What Are DIY Wedding Bouquet Kits? 

As wonderful as creating a wedding bouquet sounds, this process is not for everyone; it requires patience, talent, creativity and the right DIY wedding bouquet kits. Ladies that have time, patience and enjoy making beautiful things will love creating their own bouquets and wedding decor. This is a rewarding experience not to mention that it will keep their flower expenses under control. 

Another wonderful aspect about making bouquets from sola flowers is that given the fact that such flowers last for a long time, the bouquets can be made month before the wedding date. Brides to be can create a decor that reflects their preferences and personality, one within their budget. Before ordering DIY wedding bouquet kits, it is important to establish how many flowers are needed at the event. It is almost impossible to establish an exact number, but ladies can approximate. The bridal bouquet can contain somewhere between 30 to 50 flowers while the ones for the bridesmaids can have 20 to 30. The central pieces for the tables usually have around 20 flowers. 

It is entirely up to each couple to decide the size of the arrangements and bouquets; once they do that, they can go ahead and order the kits. Sola flowers enable couples to create unique, long-lasting bouquets at a reasonable cost. Those who decide to make their own bouquets no longer have to pay for the labor of the florist. The laboring cost is influenced by two main aspects such as the complexity of the design and the amount of time required to make the bouquet. Couples that decide to do it themselves can easily save money on flower arrangements. Another wonderful aspect is that they can create the bouquets when they have time and start months before the wedding.

What Should Your DIY Wedding Bouquet Kits Include?

Duos that are determined to make their sola wood bouquets are in for a wonderful surprise. There is nothing more rewarding than being in charge of this creation process from the beginning until the end. Before ordering the necessary supplies, it is important to decide on the style of the bouquets and the color palette you would like to use. Once they have an accurate idea of the type of bouquet they prefer, the next step is ordering the flowers and other supplies necessary. There are DIY wedding bouquet kits online that contain all the supplies needed to make beautiful, long-lasting bouquets. 

Ladies can get creative and enjoy every moment of this process; their wood flower wedding bouquet can be anything they want it to be, any shape, any color; they can even add any scent. The contents of a kit usually vary from one supplier to another, but they usually include flowers, filler, glue, tape, wire stems and sometimes even dye for wooden flowers. People who are new to working with sola flowers are advised to do some research so that they know what to purchase for their DIY project. 

To summarize, reliable suppliers offer craft enthusiasts a variety of kits for all budgets and preferences. These kits are reasonably priced and they enable people to create a truly unique bouquet for their special day; a wood flower wedding bouquet can be preserved for a very long time in a great condition without losing its beauty provided it is stored properly. 

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