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Why Installing Hot Tubs In Your Garden and Using Daily Can Benefit Your Health

Why Installing Hot Tubs In Your Garden and Using Daily Can Benefit Your Health

Mention a Hot Tub to anyone and the reaction is normally one of envy! People have used Hot Tubs, they have heard of Hot Tubs, they mean to install a Hot Tub in their own garden, it is clear that people do like the notion of a hot tub and have enjoyed any experiences that they may have had but what are the benefits of having a hot tub? Hydrotherapy has been tried and tested over centuries and dates back to the Ancient Greek Times. Many ancient civilisations have used Hydrotherapy and Hippocrates documented his use of the practice.

It is a method of using water to promote healing in the body, it uses the temperature and the pressure of the water to do this. Hydrotherapy helps with a series of complaints, not just physical complaints but emotional complaints too. It has become increasingly popular over the years as people catch on to the benefits. Hot Tubs like A Lay-Z-Spa 8 person hot tub provide an excellent way of enjoying the benefits of Hydrotherapy at home. When we stop to consider the benefits of a Hot Tub, some are very obvious and some are far wider reaching and there are many benefits that people have just not considered that may, in fact, prove very beneficial for them

Consider the following benefits

  • You are outdoors, breathing in fresh air. In the summer you may be outdoors anyway and having a hot tub in the garden may only encourage you to be out more but in the winter, you may be more inclined to be indoors but being able to step into a lovely warm tub, may encourage you to go out more often than you otherwise would.
  • Stress relieving after a hard day at the office. Hot Tubs can be very relaxing, water combined with air and heat is a tried and tested method of helping with ‘stressful’ conditions. Sitting in a tub in the evening air, looking at the stars and taking in your peaceful surroundings can be a very unwinding experience.
  • Water sounds soothing and calming. Water is vital for life and watching the bubbles, listening to the sounds that it makes can be very relaxing in itself.
  • Eases aches and pains and is excellent for arthritic conditions and muscular aches and pains. It reduces muscle tension as your body is supported by the water, giving your whole body a weightless feel.
  • It raises the temperature of your body which will, in turn, increase your circulation and blood flow which will, in turn, promote healing. Blood circulation is essential for your body’s overall function and health. Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues and by increasing the capacity of your body to do this, it promotes healing. Your skin will also benefit from improved blood flow and for those who feel cold in their extremities, it can also be beneficial there too.
  • Chronic problems like headaches can be relieved very quickly saving the need to reach for the painkillers.
  • It stimulates the lymph. Lymph is a pale fluid that removes bacteria and other ‘nasties’ from your body.
  • It allows you to detoxify your body. The good thing about a Hot Tub is that it allows you to control the temperature according to your need or desire and by turning the temperature up a notch or two the body will sweat. Just by our action of living, we pick up toxins along the way, from our food, from breathing the air and from other habits that we may have, everyone has a degree of ‘toxicity’ within their bodies and sweating is an excellent way of releasing the toxins from our systems. Sitting in a hot tub sweating is certainly easier than completing a one-hour gym session! Imagine if you did that daily, your body would very quickly benefit from the release of the toxicity.
  • A Hot Tub is for everyone, young or old so if you were someone who used to enjoy the water but feels that you couldn’t get to a swimming pool now, a Hot Tub in your garden may be the very thing for you.
  • Have you ever thought that you need to step up your exercise programme, maybe that has been difficult for you or maybe you just have not got around to it yet? A Hot Tub can be big enough to be able to complete a programme of exercises quite comfortably. You can choose from leg exercise, shoulder exercises, abdominal exercises etc and develop a programme for yourself. Exercises are much easier to do when in water and it takes the stresses and strains away from other injured parts.
  • It can be a great selling feature for your home. It looks good and gives people an added lifestyle feature. Many people would like a Hot Tub and some just have not got around to the purchase!

There are so many benefits of Hot Tub use and daily use increases the benefits for you. The cost of running a Hot Tub is considerably less than people would think especially with the newer more energy efficient models on the market. Maintenance, as with anything will be necessary but the maintenance process is also very simple and your retailer can easily help you with that.

Hot Tubs.

A good retailer will be able to talk you through the process of the purchase of your Hot Tub. Hot Tubs come in various sizes, with various features according to your needs and some are now very sophisticated. They will come with different types of seating arrangements and can be designed to accommodate large or small groups of people. They come with different types of jet systems and they are offered in different depths. Manufacturers recognise that everyone is different and as such will have different requirements. Some even come with lights and music!

Look around, consider your requirements and budget, there will be a Hot Tub to suit every budget.

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