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Why Hiring a Professional High Rise Window Cleaning Company is Essential to Ensure Your Safety

Why Hiring a Professional High Rise Window Cleaning Company is Essential to Ensure Your Safety

Cleaning your windows is part of the necessary maintenance of your building. Unless your place of work is at ground level, you’ll need to hire professionals to get the job done. Check out Bax Clean for window cleaning in Melbourne. You must make sure you work with a team that is reliable and safe. Having your windows cleaned by a company that isn’t pro means you’re working with an outfit that is lacking in experience, qualifications, and insurance.

As the owner of the building or in charge of maintenance, you hold the responsibility to ensure that people you hire to do your window cleaning carry it out safely without posing a risk to your workers or customers.

If you have windows that are difficult to reach, rather let the experts clean them. You won’t have the necessary equipment to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. For example, a window cleaning team will come equipped with tall ladders or holsters that enable them to reach the high spots safely.

The other thing to consider is how efficiently the windows are cleaned. Getting them cleaned takes more than rubbing them with a wet cloth. A window cleaning property invests in the correct chemicals to remove marks from windows. Their job is not just to clean them, but to have them looking like new. They’ll use a range of squeegees, extension poles, blades and scraper, and water fed poles and cleaning brushes to achieve this. Many of the tools they use are slightly abrasive, which removes the marks.

When you hire a window cleaning company, there are red flags that will warn you they are not a professional service. These are questions you should ask yourself:

Do they have the right tools?

Do they have the right tools

If the crew you are planning on hiring only use ladders, you may need to reconsider their experience. It’s not safe to use ladders to clean high windows. Rather, they should be using water fed poles to wash windows that are above ground level. You should ask the company what equipment they plan to use to clean your windows before you sign on with them.

Is the weather right?

A professional window cleaner will have the experience to know that doing the work in the midday sun is not suitable. The cleaning product will dry too quickly, which means that the windows will likely be left with soapy streaks. It’s also unsafe to clean windows at a height when conditions are windy. It’s not only the cleaners who are at risk of injury in these conditions but your employees and members of the public passing by. You’re within your rights to make the call to stop the job and ask them to return the next day if the wind picks up.

Do they follow health and safety measures?

Health and safety are the most crucial part of any service you employ. Window cleaning can be very hazardous, and it’s not an industry where anyone should be cutting corners. You’re dealing with heights that can lead to severe injury or even death. Reputable companies who specialise in high rise window cleaning services will be able to supply you with confirmation of their accreditation, public liability insurance, and the policy that governs their health and safety guidelines. Ask them if they also have employers liability. Their insurance should stipulate the methods and heights they are allowed to carry out their work. It’s a complication, but they will need specific insurance for working at particular heights using an elevated mobile platform, for example.

Will they also clean the frames?

Glass gets dirty, but so do the frames around them. Ask your service provider if their work includes cleaning the areas around the actual panes. If they don’t do this, the next time it rains the grime that collects on the frames will run onto the windows, making them dirty all over again. Even if there is light rain, it could lead to dripping or splashing. Finally, ask them what method they use to clean cobwebs that collect in the corners of frames too.
Will they also clean the frames
They should use a scrim to make sure the frames are clean. You also want to make sure that the spiders are removed, or they will just spin new webs when the team leaves the site. Simply brushing the cobwebs is not sufficient. These small details are important if you want a quality job done.

Will they use tap water?

We think it’s clean, but tap water actually contains impurities that can leave a residue on windows. It’ll leave them looking less than sparkly. Water fed poles are fitted with water filters to remove these impurities, but it’s worth checking that your service provider regularly cleans the filters. Only clean, filtered water will ensure your windows are left streak and spot-free.

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