Why Choose Linen Sleepwear?


Linen Sleepwear

Besides the standard eight-hour sleeping routine, your choice of sleepwear plays a vital part in ensuring that you sleep well. Thus, you should ensure that you are selecting linen bedding and sleepwear to have the most restful night’s sleep.

The sleepwear industry presents a variety of options and fabric choices. However, nothing is as comfortable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly as linen sleepwear. Linen is derived from the flax plant and has been used for thousands of years. It is sturdy, breathable, and comfortable.

Linen has a variety of benefits due to its durability, cost-efficiency, and strength. Son de Flor has designed a variety of linen collections that are notably durable. This exclusivity has extended into nightwear and duvet covers. This soft fabric also becomes better the more it is washed and used, making it a standout choice for nightly sleepwear.

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What Are The Benefits of Sleeping In Linen Sleepwear?

  1. You Remain Cool

    Linen is renowned for its breathability and cooling impact on the body. Thus, sleeping in linen will help to regulate the overall temperature of your body by ensuring that it receives better air circulation. This inherently dries any sweat that has formed on your skin. You will wake up feeling invigorated and motivated for a new day.

  2. You Remain Comfortable

    Those who sweat a lot when sleeping will become uncomfortable due to the way in which sweat irritates the skin. This causes restless sleep and soars to form on the skin itself. However, wearing linen fabric is a great option as it is notably soft and dries quickly, providing you with more comfort inherently. Linen does not cling to you weightily during sleep and also softens after being washed over a period of time, making it a uniquely comfortable material.

  3. You Will Feel Stylish

    Feeling stylish while you sleep provides you with an abundance of confidence and a better quality of sleep will occur inherently. Wearing linen sleepwear gives you comfort and a sense of relaxation through its stunning presentation and feel. This beautiful fabric derives a wide variety of different colors, ensuring that everyone can feel as stylish as they would like to when purchasing linen sleepwear. 

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Linen Bedding & Linen Sleepwear

Asides from the numerous benefits that derive from wearing linen sleepwear, you should also purchase some linen bedding to compliment your overall aesthetic and comfort. Linen bedding also provides numerous health benefits, similar to wearing linen sleepwear. These benefits include the following:

1) Hypoallergenic

Standard forms of bedding are prone to collecting dust, as well as mold mites amongst other varieties of dirt. This can cause an abundance of irritations to manifest. Thus, you should ensure that you are cleaning your bedding regularly in order to reduce any build-up of dirt and dust.

While some fabrics will retain dirt particles and bad odors more readily, linen fabric is eco-friendly and does not contain any allergens, this helps those who suffer with certain allergies to sleep better and be more comfortable by proxy.

Linen does not contain chemical compositions which makes it one of the best choices for a variety of skin types. The texture of the bedding dries quickly and it is notably soft, similar to linen sleepwear. Thus, combining linen sleepwear with linen bedding ensures that any irritations to the skin are entirely eliminated.

2) Absorbance Rate

Linen clothing does not tend to retain any moisture. However, it does release it in order to provide a cooling sensation. You do not need to be concerned about sweating during sleep when wearing linen sleepwear and using linen bedding as this fabric will dry quickly and allow air to circulate properly.

Studies have shown that linen is able to absorb up to 30% of moisture and release it back into the atmosphere accordingly. This circulation process is easy, fast, and undetectable which inherently ensures that the user has a great night’s sleep and remains comfortable throughout.


To conclude, linen materials have been proven to be the best fabrics to wear during sleep. They are also highly beneficial when used as bedding due to the breathable nature of this material. Linen sleepwear softens upon being washed, making it a unique form of material that has a long lifespan.

Linen sleepwear is undoubtedly the best form of sleepwear. This is because linen is durable, soft, sturdy, and lightweight at the same time. Wearing linen sleepwear ensures that you are provided with healthy and soothing sleep.

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