How To Style a Designer Christmas Tree


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It’s almost that time of the year when holiday decorations fill every house and building, and you can hear Christmas carols everywhere you go.  If you’re decorating your home for the holidays, the Christmas tree will be the highlight. But how can you make your tree truly special?

When planning for your Christmas tree decorations, try turning to experts for tips and ideas. But don’t worry if you are on a budget, because you can create a designer Christmas tree by yourself and within reasonable costs. Here are five styling tips you can follow to level up your Christmas Tree decorations this year:

  1. Pick A Good Quality Tree 

Like everything else, having a solid foundation sets the stage for excellence. Thus, if you can only splurge on one item for your holiday decorations, place a chunk of your budget on your Christmas tree. A high-quality Christmas tree may be more expensive at first, but you will appreciate its value over time.

Because they are made from premium materials, these trees are more durable and can support heavier loads. This means that you can put more ornaments to make it look prettier and more vibrant. It will also last through repeated use, so you don’t need to buy a new tree and can save money in the next few years. And since this will be used a few times, it is better to go for a classic tree rather than a trendy one that can go out of style in the next year. 

  1. Decide On A Theme

One key feature that defines a designer Christmas tree is that it has a balanced and harmonious appeal where all the decorations blend well together. Nothing seems out of place, and each piece looks like it was meant to be there all along. Even the colors should complement each other, creating a luxurious and aesthetically appealing effect.

“A designer Christmas tree starts with a good color palette,” says Cadeaux Christmas, a Christmas decorating company in Dallas, TX. That’s why it’s important to decide on a theme before you go shopping for the decorations. You should already have a clear idea of how the tree should look right from the start. 

Designer Christmas Tree

  1. Light It Up

No Christmas tree would be complete without those small, colorful lights brightening each branch. When decorating your tree, it is always better to start with the lights before working on the other ornaments because it would be difficult to do it if you have to work around chunky pieces on the tree.

If you are not sure how many lights you need to prepare, the general rule is to have around fifty bulbs for every foot of space on the Christmas tree. Then when decorating, it is easier if you start from the bottom near the plug, then work your way upwards from the trunk to the crown. Make sure you weave those bulbs between branches to support their weight.

And give serious consideration to pre-lit Christmas trees.  Though they’re more expensive, they’re much easier to set up.

  1. Mix And Match Your Decorations

The next step is to choose decorations that would fit your theme. However, choosing a theme does not mean that your tree should look monotonous. In fact, you can mix and match different types and colors of ornaments, as they don’t clash with each other. For example, silver and gold trinkets blend well together.

It would be best if you also chose baubles with varying shapes, sizes, and designs to add texture to your tree. When decorating your tree, start from the top and slowly work your way down. This way, it is easier to see your theme and design take shape as you move along. Finally, look at your tree from a few steps away and check if the ornaments are balanced, making sure that one side does not look heavier than the other. 

  1. Ensure Proper Spacing

While you are having fun decorating, be careful not to overdo it but don’t skimp on the decor either. An overcrowded tree would look too busy and unappealing while having too many empty branches would make the tree look empty. 

First, fill the space with ribbons or other string-type ornaments like strands of beads or pearls. It is also fine to use a combination of two ribbons or a ribbon plus beads to add texture further. Then place the bulkier ornaments closer to the center while the smaller ones go to the outer areas. This will add depth to the Christmas tree and make it more visually appealing. 

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