Why Artificial Grass Is Popular with Melbourne Home and Business Owners


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Modern artificial grass looks just like the real thing, yet it offers a host of advantages in the temperate oceanic climate of Melbourne, Australia. Read on for an overview of why artificial grass is popular in Melbourne.


Summers in Melbourne can be very hot at times, with temperatures rising as high as 40+ degrees Celsius. Natural grass doesn’t do well in extreme heat. It tends to die unless irrigated daily, which can leave lawns looking dead and brown. One way to enjoy a beautiful green lawn all year round is to install artificial turf. You don’t need to water it and it won’t be affected by hot weather or heavy rainfall, which can happen during the winter months. 

It Looks Natural

Fake grass has come a long way in the last decade or so. Whereas artificial turf used to look unnaturally green and very plastic, now it looks completely real. Even when you get up close and personal, with a good quality product, it can be hard to spot the difference between fake grass and artificial grass. However, this does depend on the quality of the fake grass you buy. 

Melbourne-based artificial grass installer Reelgrass says that it is important to invest in a good quality product that is soft to touch and made in Australia. Always purchase fake grass that is certified as lead-free, so it is safe for pets and children. 

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Low Maintenance 

Home and business owners in Melbourne want an attractive lawn, but often they don’t want the hassle of maintaining grass. Natural grass needs a lot of care and attention. In summer, it needs a regular trim, which will feel like hard work when the temperature is hot and humid outdoors. To remain in good condition, grass also needs regular feed. And if you don’t keep on top of the mowing and feed/weed regime, it won’t be long before your lawn is weed-infested and bald in places.


Australian artificial grass is a cost-effective solution if you want a natural-looking, attractive section of turf for your home and business. You can expect to pay $30-$45 for good-quality artificial grass in Melbourne. If you spot a significantly cheaper product, it may not be up to scratch, as cheaper fake grass is often made overseas and is, therefore, vastly inferior in quality.

Fake Turf Can Be a Selling Point

Property prices are up and down, and prices in some areas in Melbourne have fallen by 10% in the past year. If you are thinking of selling your home, it makes sense to do as much as you can to make your property more attractive to buyers. One way to attract buyers is to have a property with plenty of low-maintenance features. Less work is attractive to busy people with stressful jobs and very little time to spend in the garden.

If you decide to upgrade to artificial grass for your home or business, make sure you shop around for the best quality product. 

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