Why Are Shaker Cabinets So Popular


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If you’ve been to any home design store or have been looking for kitchen inspiration on the internet, you have come across shaker cabinets. These cabinets are versatile and durable, making them a favorite choice of home builders and design professionals in the industry. If you’ve been considering changing out your current cabinets for some shaker cabinets, you are not alone. Let’s take a look at what shaker cabinets are and what makes them a household favorite.  

What Are Shaker Cabinets?

You’ve likely seen them, or maybe even have them in your home now, as shaker cabinets are some of the most popular cabinets on the market. They have a five-piece door with a recessed center area. Some have decorative beadboard, while others do not. They can come in a wide variety of colors but are usually made out of wood and last forever. 

Shaker cabinets are named for the Shakers, a group of religious settlers in the 1700s who are credited for creating these high-quality cabinets. Shakers were known for being simple people who worked hard, which is exactly what shaker cabinets are; simple and durable. Along with creating cabinets, the Shakers are known for inventing the broom, the wood burning stove, the clothespin, the circular saw, and other pieces of high-quality furniture.  

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Why Are Shaker Cabinets So Popular?

Shaker cabinets have been around for hundreds of years, but they have become extremely popular within the last decade. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their low price point. Shaker cabinets are much less expensive than other wood cabinets. This is partially because they usually come ready to assemble, so while it may take a little bit of time to put them together, you will be saving money. Buying ready to assemble cabinets also cuts down on delivery and installation time since we usually have them in stock and ready to go, unlike other custom cabinets that require the manufacturer to put them together before being able to ship them out. 

The durability of shaker cabinets is another reason for their popularity. Shaker cabinets are easy to clean, usually only needing a mild detergent and a soft cloth to keep them clean, instead of expensive and time-consuming oil polishes that other wood cabinets require. Since they do not have an elaborate design, you won’t have to worry about them collecting too much dust or grease in hard-to-scrub spots like you would with more elaborate raised kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can also hold up to wear and tear over the years, which means that even though they are not as expensive as other cabinet styles, they do not need to be replaced very often either. 

Shaker cabinets can be used throughout the house. Your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room can all have the same cabinets, even if your design choices in each room are different. Since they’re simple, they won’t be the main focal point of your space, but that is what makes them so versatile. You’ll be able to be more creative with your flooring choices or install a more ornate backsplash than you would with other cabinets since the lines are clean and simple with shaker cabinets. 

 Let’s look at some ways you can incorporate shaker cabinets into today’s design trends.

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Shaker Cabinets with Today’s Trends

Shaker cabinets are very versatile and can be made to fit in with any trend. Many of today’s trends center on a modern or industrial style which works well with the simple aesthetic of shaker cabinets. The simple lines and symmetry of the cabinets pair nicely with stainless steel appliances abstract artwork. You can also install sleek cabinet pulls that compliment your industrial look sink to stick with the theme.  

At the same time, shaker cabinets can work well with the farmhouse trends that we have taken over homes in the last few years. Shaker cabinets come in many colors, including white, and work well with large subway tiles, shiplap walls, and granite countertops. 

Trends come and go, but the good news is, shaker cabinets can easily go from one trend to another. A simple change in hardware is all you need to do to update your shaker cabinets. Changing a brass knob to a flat bar pull or a glass knob could completely transform the look of your cabinets and possibly even your kitchen. Since they are wood, they are also relatively easy to paint or stain if you want to make a significant change to your space but don’t have the budget to replace your cabinets completely.  

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