Furbish Your Space with Comfy Elegear Arc-chill Cooling Pillowcases


Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Pillowcases

We put a lot into choosing perfect pillows for bedding. Is it too soft, too firm, or simply perfect? After all this turmoil, one thing that you should not forget is Pillowcases that are often overlooked but are an essential part of the bedding set. Finding the right pillowcases can not only help to extend the life of your pillows but also helps you with a good night’s sleep.

Besides the fact that a good night’s sleep can make big differences in your health, there’s a cluster of things that can prevent you from sleeping properly. In such cases, one of the biggest issues is temperature control. For those who constantly sweat in sleep, it often becomes uncomfortable to sleep properly.

Have you ever thought, what if there’s a way to keep pillows intact with coolness? The Elegear arc-chill cooling pillow cases are a solution for a comfortable sleep. This makes bedtime cool, comfortable, and cozy. The arc-chill cooling pillowcase is so comfortable that you’ll never want to get up in the morning.

Why should you buy arc-chill cooling pillowcases?

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Intact with arc-chill cooling tech material

The pillowcase is featuring a special Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fiber. The larger the Q-max value, the more heat can be absorbed, so it can keep you cool in hot summers. Normally, cooling pillowcases have a Q-max value of 0.2, but Elegear arc-chill cooling pillowcases have a Q-max value of 0.4. so, these can absorb heat better. These nice and soft pillowcases are best for a good night’s sleep helping you improve your overnight sleep.

Its arc-chill cooling tech is also moisture-wicking, which will not only let you stay cool but also stay dry as a bone all night long. Waking up in a fresh morning in sweat is not a good start to the day, instead, you should use Elegear Arc-chill cooling pillowcases to prevent that.

Available in different sizes

Depending on the size of your bed, you can choose the right arc-chill cooling pillowcase. With a variety in sizes, it’s easy for buyers to make a great selection. Whether you’re buying a queen/king-sized bed or a child’s twin bed, the pillowcases come in multiple sizes – Queen Size (20”x 30”) Standard Size (20” x 26”). Now you can purchase pillowcases in smaller sizes as well as bigger sizes. The royal sleepers, who use queen-sized pillows must buy the Arc-chill cooling system pillowcases.

Will grey go with your interior or bed sheets? Do you also have any such thoughts? Well, don’t worry, you can buy a pillowcase of multiple colors like grey, blue, green, beige, pink, purple, and white. Choose any of these seven colors to match your interior or bed linings.

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Made smartly & hygienically

Having an arc-chill cooling tech pillowcase at home is perfect for more than just its cooling feature. The comforters and blankets both have a special DARCON fiber making them antibacterial, skin-friendly, and anti-mite. If you are allergic to bedding, you can still have the amazing benefits of this exclusive pillowcase. The advanced cooling fabric of the pillowcase is made with 80% nylon and 20% PE, a blend that is very silky, cool, and perfect for sunny summers.

The back-side of the arc-chill cooling pillowcase is made with 100% real cotton which makes it soft and breathable. Do you know that it’s good for all seasons? Yes, it is perfect for summers, spring, autumn, and winters. 

Save for better sleep

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So, make your sleep better by getting yourself the comfort of the Elegear Arc-Chill cooling pillowcase today!

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