Why Are Plumbers So Rude? (19 Things To Know)


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Being a plumber is not easy. Many people might believe that working as a plumber is unskilled, unclean, or doesn’t pay well. But in reality, plumbing is challenging and physically demanding and makes us sick. So, sometimes plumbers show rudeness while working.

As Plumbers in Warrnambool, we spend much time working with potentially dangerous plumbing systems  in the city of Warrnambool, Australia. 

Our everyday activities range from climbing up ladders to fixing gutters to spending the day in a small, cramped space on a sweltering summer day. These all cause frustration and rudeness.

Reasons for Plumbers’ Rudeness

Excessive Physical Effort

Like most construction industries, plumbing typically involves more physical activity than usual. Plumbers frequently have to stoop, crawl, and move large pieces of machinery. Sometimes we carry a heavy bathtub, or other specialised equipment, like a water heater, up a staircase. The back, legs, and knees are affected, and it hurts.

We encounter hazardous substances like asbestos, untreated sewage, mould, and metals like lead and zinc on some days. All of them could contaminate the lungs and make breathing difficult.

The physical exhaustion could cause us to become irritable and unkind to clients. Due to this tremendous workload, we frequently become frustrated when speaking with a customer. We want to finish everything as fast as possible.

Impact of Mental Health

The plumbing process or a job is mentally draining in addition to requiring physical stamina. Numerous clients appreciate our help and express their appreciation for our appointment. However, some will be challenging, and some will even continuously criticise the calibre of your work.

Then there are the annoying late-night phone calls that keep us from getting a good night’s sleep because we must respond to emergencies. The particular triggers for being unkind to customers are calls at odd hours and calls made while the family is together. 

Sometimes we act rudely toward the customer in these circumstances, regardless of how courteous they are.

Enormous Work Pressure

Heavy workload pressure is another significant factor in plumbers’ rudeness. We will be accountable for any mistakes. If our service causes some damage to a client’s residence, we need to pay for any repairs that are required. A professional’s reputation is also in jeopardy.

Some clients will provide a shortened timetable. During an emergency, plumbers must proceed with the utmost care and concentration. This could be more challenging when we need to follow the rules and legislation.

Plumbers must maintain their composure when faced with a significant plumbing problem that could endanger them or other home or building occupants.

Uncomfortable, Inadequate Safety Gears

To avoid any risk, it is crucial to wear safety gear. However, moving fast won’t be accessible if we wear low-quality PPE or knee pads. Wearing uncomfortable boots and safety glasses makes us irritated.

One of the biggest reasons plumbers might be unpleasant is because of this. Moreover, suppose clients are obstinate and give one job after another whilealso making pointless suggestions. In that case, this will make the plumbers ruder.

Payment Delay

We, plumbers, put forth much effort and risk our lives working for the clients. It’s like taking a life-threatening risk for financial gain. Besides, we need to buy and upgrade our equipment. 

So, naturally, a plumber will act rudely and disparagingly when a customer is late on their payments. It causes bill failure and affects our family budget. 

Unfair Payment

Most clients engage in bargaining as a habit and think we overcharge for small tasks. For plumbers, this practice occasionally serves as the initial insult. When we put in such hard labour, we should be compensated fairly. But in reality, we work for low wages. 

This circumstance leads to the undesirable behaviour of plumbers. The next time, we may delay your job or don’t treat it as an emergency.

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Plumbing is a Risky Business

It’s perilous to work in plumbing. We may occasionally need to work at a height or underground. The dangers could come from the client’s house’s plumbing fittings, gas, and electrical wires.

Sometimes people treat plumbers poorly and think of us as untouchable and filthy. This usually results in the plumber being unkind to that customer.

There are several threats on a plumbing job site besides just those to the homes. Accidents can occur even with the best safety procedures in place. Risks associated with becoming a plumber can result in severe cuts, burns, and even death. As a result, we face numerous difficulties and dangers daily.

Health Problems

Plumbers deal with issues every day. The wrists, leg joints, and back muscles are strained due to the pressure. This frequently irritates us and encourages disrespectful behaviour toward customers. Numerous common types of repetitive stress injuries exist, including:

  1. Soft tissue injuries to the shoulder, neck, and wrist
  2. Affect on back’s ligaments, muscles, and discs
  3. Muscle strains and sprains

Vision Issues

Due to a burst pipe or flying debris from a clogged pipe, plumbers risk getting water in their faces. These microbes and particles will enter our eyes if we are not wearing safety eyewear. It leads to a bothersome or slight discomfort.

Any sharp object in the plumbing system has the potential to cut off our vision or lose an eye. In low-light conditions, plumbers’ eyes will also strain. It gives us headaches that last a long time. So, all together results in the plumber acting rudely.

Non-reliable Work

Plumbers put their lives on the line and work hard to make a living. But some haughty and inhumane clients do not view plumbers as fellow humans. 

They try to clean all the dirt by us and order or give us some faulty advice in exchange for less money. It makes the plumbers rude to the client and causes bad mouthing and arguments.

High Attitude

But not all plumbers are the same. We also have faults on our side. Some plumbers believed they were gods because of all the hustle and hardship.

They always maltreat consumers, charge extra, and provide subpar jobs to return later and collect more money. These arrogant people can be found in any field. If any client has hired these kinds of plumbers, then obviously, they would think plumbers are rude.

Work According to the Plan

Successful plumbers develop plans before starting working in the field and follow them. According to the project, we create short- and long-term goals and then plan how we will get there. 

It maintains our focus, and periodically we can review our progress. When clients order us ridiculously, that breaks our concentration. 

Managing Time

We always try our best to arrive at all appointments on time. We know customers value their time, just as we should. That’s why we first calculate how long each task will take realistically. But some clients show urgencyand put pressure. Plumbers already work under pressure to handle everything carefully. And this tight schedule makes the situation worse.

Multiple Contracts

In the peak season, it is common for us to become preoccupied with several jobs. Customers, however, don’t understand that and want to get their job first. We always try to finish one task before moving on to another unless we have an urgent call.

Plumbing Estimates

When clients ask for a task estimate, we provide them with the most precise one we can. Quality work comes with a price. If customers have to pay much more than their estimation, they won’t contact us again. So, lengthy negotiations take place.

That’s why we concentrate on consumers who can pay reasonably without debating. This is crucial since a significant portion of our service requests comes from referrals, and reputation is priceless.

Buying High-Quality Plumbing Supplies

Using less expensive products available on the market could be alluring. But for 100% customer satisfaction, we always try to use the best appropriate tools. Sometimes finding the right one is tough.

Another problem is renting the supplies we use for repairs and the equipment. Low-quality supplies delay the work, creating frustration. Customers will value components that perform well and are durable.

Constantly Upgrading Skills

Like other white-collar jobs, we must upgrade our knowledge and skills in various plumbing techniques. Plumbers also attend trade shows, seminars, or other educational events like online courses besides working long hours. So, consumers will value us for more flexibility and diversity, which contributes to mental pressure.

Unpredictable Schedule

As was already said, the need for plumbers is high and stable. This is in sharp contrast to our workdays, which are frequently unpredictable. Plumbing problems can arise at any time, in any condition.

Handle the Waste

Plumbing is not the most glamorous work. We need to deal with clogged drains or toilets, which almost inevitably involve human bodily fluids and solids. It is typical of a plumber’s duties.

Despite all the risks and perils, we must accomplish our tasks. Plumbers act angrily in many situations because of the inhumane demands and low consumer payments.

All these reasons force a plumber to be rude. That is why sometimes they are looked down on.

To relieve the stress and frustration, we should take a break for some time to heal correctly. Don’t let work pressure get the better of you. Also, exercising and massaging will help the body heal and keep the mind at ease. This will aid in overcoming our annoyance and uncivil behaviour with consumers. 

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