Why And How to Replace Your Shower Head

When did you put your existing shower head? If it has been long while that you hanged it, then it is probably the time to replace it with an upgraded one. Most of the times people do not think about this aspect but it is important to consider changing the shower head. A great shower has the power to relieve all your tensions and make your mood impressive and fill it with joy. You can forget all your pains with an amazing shower head.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whether the water coming from the shower head is safe for you or not. Many chemicals are being used to purify water like calcium and chlorine. Calcium is responsible for the clogging of the pipes and more of it is used in the water treatment, more often you need to replace your shower head.

Major reasons to replace the shower head

    Some of the major reasons which will make you install a new shower head and replace your existing one are as follows:

  • Relieve from the aches
  • The common pains like neck aches, backaches, shoulder pains, head pains are our foremost partners. Therefore, a daily massage is required to get relieved from them. Waterpik replacement shower heads have enough power to give you relief from this sort of pain.

  • Good water pressure
  • The old shower heads used to have very low speed of water but with a modern shower, you will get the maximum speed. Thus you will get a powerful kick through the shower.

  • New and modern style
  • New modern style Bathroom Shower

    The modern and the best shower heads come with a new touch and a beautiful decor which gives an elegant look to your bathroom.

  • Amazing features
  • Amazing features Bathroom Shower
    Nowadays the showers are not just simple showers instead they have more than the hot and cold feature in them. They have settings for multiple sprays, adjustability to the height, conservation of the water, the power to give full massages and many more useful features.

Changing a shower head

Changing a shower head is not a tough task. You can do it in few simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, remove your old showerhead. To remove it, first, try with your hands. Rotate in anti-clockwise direction if you can else use the wrench. Clamp with a wrench in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Now, clean the complete inside and outside of the arm with a cloth in order to remove all the rust and dirt.
  3. Roll the threads in a series over the shower’s end arm and then put three or four layers of tape in clockwise mode. You need to use the plumbing tape for this. This will prevent the water leakage.
  4. Now place the new head on the arm of the shower and screw the mount in the clockwise direction.
  5. Leave the shower open for a while to check if any wrong installation is done.
  6. Thinking now of making those 10 to 15 minutes under shower head amazing? Go and get your old shower head replaced with the new one and enjoy your shower.
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