What to Consider If You’re Planning to Move to a New House

Moving into a new house can be extremely challenging. If this is your first house then it will be incredibly difficult. You might have only lived in rentals such Executive Rentals, but now you’re going up in the world and buying your first house ever. It’s an ultimate undertaking that you and your family should plan out well. Even if it can be a reason for celebration, it can also potentially become stressful and tiring. Whether it’s not your first move, the same goes and that is you should still conduct proper planning to pull the moving off successfully. You can now start thinking about the extension you’ve always wanted and don’t forget the different themed rooms you’ve always envisioned. Speaking of an extension, I was recommended by a friend of mine to look into house extension designs west midlands- providing you with the space you need for your new home, without hassle and expense. Just give them a call and arrange a home visit. An extension will give the family what you’ve always wanted.

Remember that a well-thought plan can reduce the stress brought about your move. As long as you have tangible plans, you’ll surely not get bogged down with the idea of moving from one house to another. Here’s what you need to consider when planning your move to a new house.

1. Transfer of utilities

Move House Transfer of utilities

Of course, you can’t move into your new house unless your utilities like energy, water, gas, and internet are already ready to go.

  • This means you need to connect all of them before the moving day so that the reconnection will no longer be burdensome on your end.
  • If someone lives in your house before, be sure to call the respective utility providers and have these accounts named under you. By doing so, the previous tenants will not be charged for your usage.

2. Packing of bulk items and other belongings

Packing of bulk items and other belongings
A few days or weeks before the scheduled move, it’s important to pack some bulk items ahead of time. This is to give you ample time to plan your packing goals and ensure that everything will be done smoothly and faster.

  • For instance, you can start with the bulky ones such as furniture and other home appliances. Once you’re done with these items, you can now start packing your essential belongings.
  • Yet, be sure you have sufficient boxes to store your things all throughout the move. If possible, make labels for your boxes so that unpacking will not be difficult anymore.

3. House clean-up

There are several considerations when transferring from one house to another. One of these is the house clean-up.

  • It’s important that you get your new house cleaned up before your arrival date so that the moving process will be more straightforward. You can get a service to help you with the cleaning stuff or you may choose to do the entire thing all by yourself.
  • Make sure that all areas of the house are clean including the cabinets, counters and other home fixtures. Furthermore, it’s best if you know some important home projects you should do before or after you move in.

4. Set up of moving plans

As mentioned earlier, moving is a huge undertaking that requires more time and effort. You can’t have a successful move if you don’t plan in advance. Moreover, you need to create tangible goals and most important deadlines to make the whole work more organized and manageable.

  • For example, you should think about the welfare of your kids and pets before, during and after transferring into a new house. Take necessary safety measures by asking a family or friend to look after them while you’re organizing your move.
  • Also, contacting a professional moving company for your new house should always be part of your plans. Once you’ve chosen a mover, you can schedule the date of your move based on your availability and level of preparedness.
  • Take note that setting up your plans in advance can go a long way toward successfully moving without unnecessary hassle on your end.

5. Notification to family and friends

Notification to family and friends
Moving into a new house requires you to update your family and friends about your new contact details. The purpose of which is to easily locate you when the need arises like in emergency cases.

  • To notify them about your upcoming plans of moving, you can send a text message or email regarding your new address and even phone number.
  • That way, your contact with the important people of your lives will continue even though you transfer from one house to another.

The Bottom Line

Nobody can say when you’re going to move from one home to another. While this uncertainty is constant, it’s very important if you try to make the whole process from planning up to the actual moving stress-free. By following this checklist of to-do along with a doable timeline in place, your moving experience will be more likely fruitful and less overwhelming. In essence, don’t stress yourself up. Instead, reduce your worries with this essential moving tips.

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