Why 3D Software Data Interoperability is Important For BIM

Ever since the age of modern-day computers arrived, things became faster. People could now perform complex equations on the go and were able to perform multitasking like nobody else. Industries were the ones that benefited the most from the rise of computing power. As of now, autonomous systems help humans in manufacturing a lot of things like automobile parts, food processing, etc.

Among the industries that take intense help from computers is the building industry. The new generation of computers has changed the way with which problems used to be solved. Designs have become sophisticated but accessible than before. What once was a distant dream of creating mind-boggling curves and edges on a building has now become a reality.

BIM and interoperability

To put it simply, BIM or Building Information Modeling is a process that involves the usage of multiple software, tools as well as other resources to design the physical properties of a project. BIM helps engineers in understanding the processes and challenges involved in the making of a project.
BIM and interoperability

BIM requires a lot of system tools to work with. The amount of data is very high as compared to some other disciplines. Therefore, multiple software platforms are required for even the simplest of measurements and calculations.

Interoperability refers to the working of multiple software platforms in conjunction with one another. The sharing of data and resources is performed during interoperability. This makes data handling more accessible and efficient, along with saving time and reducing complexity.

3D software interoperability and its perks

3D software makes up most of the software platforms for building purposes. These packages help engineers in designing edifices the way they want to. Interoperability is hard to implement for all the platforms available as of now, but once unleashed, it can really help engineers in increasing their workflow.
3D software interoperability and its perks
Given below are a few reasons why 3D interoperability is essential for BIM in today’s rapidly advancing world:

  • Interoperability reduces the number of software platforms in use

Many software platforms give different formats of data. While it is easy to obtain the given set of data, working with these data sets all together becomes difficult in the longer run. The complexity of algorithms increases as more steps get involved while converting one format of data into the other. Therefore, interoperability reduces the number of software conversions while making the calculations easier.

  • Interoperability frees space on the computer’s hard drive and RAM

With a common platform to work upon, the engineers can now use a lesser number of platforms for a variety of calculations. Hence, the computer’s hard disk and RAM are freed from bulky software platforms and processes. Overheating is reduced to a large extent as well.

  • Interoperability increases the flow of data

It allows the flow of data to become more fluid than before. Thus, software companies are now coming up with solutions that are on par with the current interoperability trends. A smooth flow of data means faster processing and calculation time.

  • Interoperability is cost-effective

An excellent perk that comes equipped with interoperability is the fact that it reduces the excess software buying cost. Whereas the engineers had to buy a full package to carry out their work, with interoperability by their side, they can work effectively with positive results.

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