Who Makes the Best Router Lifts?

Having to remove your router from its table every time a bit needs changing can be frustrating. To make the process easier, you’ll want a router lift! But you might be wondering, who makes the best router lift? Well, we’re here to help! We tested multiple routers and chose the five best router lifts available. In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need about these machines to help you decide what router lift to get.

What are Router Lifts?

Router lifts are additional router-plates made to fit inside their routers. They come with a grip-like fixed compartment on the router, along with removable crank knobs that fit into the plate. The lift helps you get precise readings during routing.

What are Router Lifts Used For?

What are Router Lifts Used For

Router lifts offer more versatile methods of routing. You’re able to easily change the bit height with more accuracy, which means you can efficiently route any material with quick and effortless gusto. These adjustments are the primary use of router lifts.

Why would Someone Need Router Lift to Complete certain Woodworking Projects?

Pro woodworkers require stability while working on the project. Router lifts include a feature known as a rugged base plate that provides increased stability during routing. Standard mounts ensure the router is set firmly in place. These machinery pieces also have predrilled holes in them, so you don’t have to stress about work.

A router lift is also a precision tool that allows you to get precise height adjustments via its frictionless ball-bearing mechanism. Without this feature, measurements can become tedious while woodworking. Router lifts also have micro-adjustment rings and scales to get more accurate measurements when reaching bit heights.

Router lifts have a crank grip and a thumbwheel system which also aid in height adjustments. So, it makes sense why these lifts are so essential during a lot of woodworking projects.

Who Makes the Best Router Lifts?

Rockler Router Lift FX

Rockler Router Lift FX

If you have to mess with your router or bench dog table, and you’d prefer to spend less time on it, consider the Router Lift FX. This router by Rockler is a great tool that can help you with any trims or cutting down any woodwork projects with accuracy and meticulousness. The Router Lift FX is easy to use, mainly with its simplistic design and easy placement of grips and handles. Ultimately, the thing that we appreciate most about this router is its price. For woodworkers on a budget or people who don’t spend all day working on projects, this would be the ideal gadget for you.

JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02121

JessEm is a modern construction and DIY company that offers plenty of equipment and tools for the trade. This line includes the Mast-R-Lift. This lift features a compact 8¼- by 11¾-inch top plate along with a sturdy dual-seal ball bearing system.  Even more impressive is that the model is quite durable, making movement in the workshop easier. So, both amateurs and professionals can enjoy this tool. It also provides effortless control and strong rotation, making it ideal for heavy-duty use. So, if you work on routers 24/7 and need something a little more different than usual, then the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II 02121 is for you.

SawStop RT

SawStop RT

The SawStop RT stands out with its great precision and versatile adjustments. It comes with adaptive collars ranging between 3.25 and 3.5 inches, making it ideal to fit multiple routers. It is also great for measuring elevations and height adjustments quickly and easily. The adjustment system is crisp and receptive due to the lift’s inbuilt chain-synchronized construction. With unique screws and adequate plate thickness, the SawStop Rt can work almost any router table fluidly. So, what makes it so great? The SawStop RT is an exclusive model that comes with unique and useful features not seen in typical lifts. Its high responsiveness and precision cutting make it the ideal purchase for pros who need finesse in their work.

JessEm Rout-R-Lift II

The Rout-R-Lift II by JessEm includes a ton of great features found in most pro router lifts for its cost. Like its predecessor, the list uses high-quality parts that compete with top brands on the market. Its durability is quite commendable since the lift uses damage-resistant materials. It also has s sensible amount of predrilled holes on its insert-plate, making it perfect for specific routers. A functional locking mechanism also fixes the router in position for a long duration while working. The lift includes an offset wrench that can change your bits without any bends, while the handle offers quick and precise measurements. So, the Rout-R-Lift is a fantastic startup option that can be easily updated whenever you have the time or means to do so. 

INCRA Mast-R-Lift II Router Lift

Most of the machines mentioned above focus on precision, adjustments, or ease of use. What many pro-woodworkers look for is an excellent long-term investment in a high-quality, durable tool. And that’s where the INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II comes in. One of this model’s main attractions is its longevity since it has a longer lifespan than other machines in the same price range. The lift can also make potential minimal height adjustments to provide greater accuracy and control to the user. You also get an auto-protect component packed in its portable design, with the cap lock locking the router table instinctively in place. So, for a more high-quality design that lasts long and does the job, this is the ideal router lift.

Final Thoughts

A router lift is a valuable asset in any tool kit or sheds for all woodworkers and hobbyists. A router lift can save you a lot of time and improve any router’s speed and precision. In our well-researched blog above, we made sure to include a wide variety of products that can be ideal for different users. But as for who makes the best router lift? Well, it has to be INCRA. Their Mast-R-Lift II model offers a ton of accuracy and protection features while maintaining its longevity, making for an excellent long-term investment. You can peruse through our other recommendations and see which one you like instead.

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