Which Type of Mattress Should You Get For Your Bed?


Getting a good night’s sleep is very important as, without it, you will be tired, miserable and simply not be able to have a good day. While there are many factors that can influence sleep, one of the biggest has to be the type of mattress and bed that you are sleeping on.

If you have had your mattress for many years and it is beginning to sag or get lumpy, it might be time to get a new one. But how do you choose which one to get? Well, there are a variety of different options, and this article will show you some of the most popular.


Innerspring mattress bedroom
Spring mattresses have been around for decades and decades and are still among the most popular types of mattresses out there today. These mattresses get their internal support from metal springs, and every type of sleeper (back, stomach and side) can find a spring mattress that will work for them.

It is easy to identify the quality of a spring mattress by the number of coils within the mattress. The more coils there are, the higher quality the mattress will be and the more it will conform to your body when you sleep. Some innerspring mattresses come with a pillowtop attached, which gives an added layer of comfort.

Foam (Memory or Latex)

Foam mattress bedroom
In recent years, foam mattresses have taken off and are among the most popular type of mattress among sleepers. As you could imagine, these beds feature foam instead of coils. Most of them often come with different layers, some fort support, some for comfort and some with other uses. These foam beds can come in both latex foam or memory foam.

Memory foam beds will gradually conform to your body as you sleep, which gives you a lot of support (especially for side sleepers), but can get a bit hot and most don’t offer a lot of bounce. Latex foam beds are less dense and less heating than memory foam and come in various levels of firmness and sturdiness.


adjustable air bed
Instead of using memory foam, latex or coils, an air mattress uses a chamber (or chambers) full of air. The chamber is often padded with some kind of fiber to allow for increased comfort. The level of air can be customized so you can have a truly adjustable air bed. This can be great if your partner likes a different firmness than you.

Some will even let you customize how you want the air to feel in your legs, vs your hips, vs your back. This means air beds offer you more customizability than most standard beds and are perfect for couples or those who want to experience a variety of different firmness levels.


Water mattress bedroom
Waterbeds are beds that use water in chambers as a support system, similar to what airbeds do with air. The chambers can be “free-flow” with nothing restricting how the water will move, or “waveless” chambers that will help stop the water from moving so much.

These used to be relatively popular, but you don’t often see them being used too much anymore. In fact, some apartment and condo complexes actually ban them as if they break or are punctured, you’re going to have a lot of water spilling out. If you do want to purchase and use a water bed, they are generally best for those who sleep on their backs.

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