5 Prime Benefits Of Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors


If you are a home décor enthusiast, you will have seen different types of bathroom mirrors in new and contemporary designs while searching the latest trends. A bathroom mirror can make the world of difference to the visual effect of your bathroom design.

Commonly, bathrooms are used for getting ready early in the morning when you are leaving for work and hence, there are special illuminated bathroom mirrors available in the market that serves this core purpose. There are also options for anti-fog quality and clear display.

There are greater benefits that illuminated bathroom mirrors offer compared to traditional mirrors. Here, we will discuss five important benefits of installing illuminated bathroom mirrors.


Illuminated Mirror
Generally, illuminated bathroom mirrors have LEDs that offers a clean image. These LED lights emit more lumen and are energy-efficient too. So, be ready for reduced electricity bills. In addition to that, they also lighten up the whole bathroom. It also eliminates dark shadows that form to highlight the whole area.


Illuminated Mirror Size
There are a wide range of sizes available when it comes to illuminated bathroom mirrors. Sleek sized mirrors are on trend due to the wonderful ambiance they offer. When you have a small bathroom, these sleek sized mirrors don’t occupy too much space and give a perfect opulence to the overall bathroom interior.

You can also opt for an illuminated bathroom mirror with storage. If space is an issue, you can buy sliding bathroom mirrors which can be counter-sunk in to the wall allowing for more storage.

Furthermore, if you have a big bathroom space, you can go for giant illuminated bathroom mirrors of various sizes and shapes. It will also enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Anti-fog properties:

Illuminated Mirror Anti-fog properties
One frustration is the fogging up of mirrors in your bathroom. With illuminated bathroom mirrors though, you might not have to suffer such an issue as they often have in-built demister properties. You will not have to clean the mirror with a towel or other cloth when you have an illuminated mirror fixed in the bathroom.

Glass quality:

Illuminated Mirror Glass quality
There is a difference between the glass quality used in illuminated bathroom mirrors and traditional mirrors. Of course, these illuminated mirrors have superior glass quality that has a powerful magnification glass panel. You can choose from a wide range of illuminated mirrors with different glass magnification quality to make it more comfortable.

Additional storage:

Illuminated Mirror Additional storage
There are illuminated bathroom cabinets you can opt for. These mirrors have additional attached back cabinets and glass shelves to store your personal belongings such as beauty products, towels, toilet soaps and rolls and other utility things. If you have a larger space it makes sense to use it to its full potential and wall storage doesn’t take up floor space.

If you have issues with space, there is always the more traditional wall mounted bathroom mirror. Check out various options on the internet or at the retail furniture shop and choose the best one that takes care of your needs.


Illuminated bathroom mirrors are on trend due to various benefits they offer to the users. You can install in your bathroom and can make it more purposeful and beautiful. If you search on the internet, you will find a wide range of bathroom mirrors with different shapes, sizes, and designs. Choose one that fits your requirements and style.

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