Which Material is Best for Outdoor Lounge Furniture?


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Taking full advantage of your outdoor space requires that you do so in both comfort and style. But not all materials for outdoor lounge furniture are made equally, and different materials will suit different tastes and budgets. The best material for you will depend on your desired durability, the comfort of the material itself, and how the texture of the material blends with any existing outdoor furniture you possess. This article willgo over some of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture so you can get some quick ideas and make the best decision for you. 


Aluminium is often cited as one of the most durable materials when it comes to outdoor lounge furniture. Aluminium is structurally tough, but its durability doesn’t only lend itself well to being able to withstand pressure. The material is often championed for its weatherproofing capabilities, able to resist the elements regardless of the season. This may make aluminium the ideal outdoor furniture material for those who are seeking low maintenance furniture that doesn’t need to be brought inside or covered when not in use. The abundance and ease of manufacturing that aluminium provides also means that outdoor lounge furniture produced from this material is often more affordable than any of its counterparts. 

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Teak outdoor lounge furniture often carries with it a higher price tag, but for good reason. It generally has a reputation for being the best material for outdoor furniture due to its elegant aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice durability. In fact, similarly to aluminium, teak outdoor furniture is noted for being able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

The trade-off with teak of course is that compared to most other materials, it requires the most extensive and expensive upkeep and cleaning regime. The grain on this furniture can weaken and even split overtime if not maintained properly. While this may make the material a less than ideal choice for those who are looking for furniture that requires minimal upkeep, those who favour getting hands-on and who have the time and money to put into teak may enjoy the process of cleaning and maintaining it. 

If you’re looking for timeless outdoor lounge furniture and enjoy the task of preserving furniture, teak may be the ideal material choice for your outdoor setting.

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Wicker is a material that’s great for those looking for a budget friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. This material is often noted for its durability at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for anyone who still wants the elegance of something like teak but with the simplicity and durability of aluminium outdoor lounge furniture.  

There are different types of wicker available, and while most serve their purpose well, there is one type that should be avoided if possible. PVC wicker has a reputation for becoming increasingly brittle over time, which leads to cracking and other imperfections. PVC is a type of plastic that is molded and finished to appear like real wicker. You’ll know when a wicker chair or table is PVC, as it will generally be much cheaper and feel much lighter than real wicker.

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