Can Landscaping Bricks Be Used for a Fire Pit?


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Want to improve the aesthetics of your yard? In this case, having a fire pit can certainly do the job. Plus, it will also be a wonderful addition that you and your family and guests will surely appreciate. 

Are you planning on buying or making your own fire pit? What are the types of material you can use? 

Can you use landscaping bricks? 

Yes, you can use landscaping bricks when making your fire pit. However, you need to know that not all types of bricks used for landscaping will be safe, especially if they absorb moisture. 

Some types of bricks have a tendency to combust when wet, leading to an unfortunate accident. Because of this, you need to make sure that the landscaping bricks you will use can withstand high temperatures, such as kiln-fired ones. To be sure, check the manufacturer and see if they recommend the brick for a fire pit and if they are made of fire-rated materials or call a reliable contractor for assistance. Only then can you rest assured that your fire pit will not be an accident just waiting to happen. 

What is the most recommended material you can use for your fire pit? 

Many fire pit projects make use of landscaping concrete blocks as the primary material due to their durability. However, many owners still prefer using bricks due to their appeal. 

On their own, regular bricks have a higher capacity to withstand fire and heat compared to other materials. In fact, bricks are even known due to their ability to hold up with extremely high temperatures. Because of this, using bricks that are even equipped with higher resistance to heat, also known as firebricks or refractory bricks, is highly recommended.

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Will you need to use mortar with fire bricks? 

The need to use mortar depends on how long you want your fire pit to last. If you are just building a temporary one as a test to determine if you want it long-term, using mortar may not be necessary. However, if you want your fire pit to last, using mortar will be a wise move. 

Depending on the material you will use, most refractory cement mortar can be enough for the task. This is because this type of mortar is specially designed to endure extremely hot temperatures. As a result, you would not have to worry about melting mortar or preliminary damage, as it can help your fire pit be more reliable in the long run. 

How to build your own fire pit

Ready to start making your own fire pit? Here are the usual steps it would take to build a circular pit for your backyard. 

First, choose the safest location

Choosing the spot where you build your fire pit is extremely important. This is because choosing to place it in an area that is in close proximity to other buildings or trees can be a fire hazard. Ask your local authority to see if you are allowed to DIY a fire pit to avoid future problems. 

Second, prep the area

Using your bricks, make an outline of your fire pit. This will allow you to get an accurate estimate of the size of your pit and see if you need to make adjustments. Once satisfied, use a shovel to mark the outline of your bricks before removing them to dig a shallow trench of at least 6 inches. Once you are done digging, tamp down the soil to level the area. 

Third, lay out the base

Pouring a gravel base allows for drainage. Spread it evenly on the surface of your excavated soil. Add water and tamp down the gravel to compact the material. Add another half-inch of gravel and tamp down again until level. 

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Fourth, set the inner walls

Start setting your inner walls. If you are using fire bricks, it would be best to use them on your inner wall for added fire-resistant precaution. Layer the bricks according to your desired height and apply mortar as recommended. If you are planning on building a circular fire pit, you may have to cut your bricks with a circular saw.  

Fifth, set the outer walls

After completing your inner walls, start setting your outer walls. Since they are not in close contact with heat, you can use other materials for appeal or if your budget is limited. Always check if they are level and make changes before your mortar dries. 

Lastly, make the final adjustments

Once you are done with the structure, you can choose to add a cap to cover your fire pit when not in use. Put in lava or river rocks for extra appeal and drainage and you are done!

Start your project today

Need assistance with building fire pits or installing retaining walls in Denver? Make sure to contact a team that is reliable and willing to give estimates. After all, when it comes to your property, you deserve the best. 

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