Which Glass Is Used for Office Partitions: Advantages of Glass Office Wall

Glass office partitions are actively used to zone and, at the same time, to combine production facilities and relevant premises for different purposes – offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.

The main advantage of partition walls for office is their transparency for natural light from the street, which allows saving on artificial lighting most of the working day. In addition, office glass partitions facilitate visual control of the office and allow a quick finding of the right person in companies with a large staff. Today, you can easily buy partition walls for office from the company CGP. CommercialGlassPartitions.com offers quality products for an office room at reasonable prices.

Read below about which glass is commonly used in the construction of office partitions and what are their main benefits.

Partition Walls for Office: Basic Glass Types

According to experts of the CommercialGlassPartitions.com company, four types of glass are usually used in the manufacture of office partitions. It is tempered glass, triplex, curved glass, or frosted glass.

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Tempered Glass

The first place in the so-called rating of the demand for glass for office partitions is taken by tempered glass. The peculiarities of the production technology, associated with the fact that the glass is preheated to a very high temperature (within 670 degrees), and then uniformly cooled by air, subsequently provide excellent heat resistance, strength, and safety in case of destruction. The strength characteristics of tempered glass are 5-8 times higher than that of ordinary untreated glass. In this regard, at least 70% of glass office walls are made of tempered glass.


An even more durable option is triplex – glass consisting of several glasses, which are interconnected by one or two layers of a special laminating compound or film, capable of holding fragments when destroyed. Despite the rather high cost, triplex is very popular among customers, since the use of the same multi-colored films makes it possible to create any options for tinted and colored glass for office partitions.

Curved Glass

In arranging modern interiors of offices and other premises, curved glass is also often used. The process of thermal bending of glass is rather complicated, which ultimately affects its cost. Curved glass can also be tempered. Due to the high price and complex manufacturing process, such glass is used most often in the offices of large companies that value their image and reputation.

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Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can be both tempered and triplex. Due to its reasonable price and excellent reliability, frosted glass is the most versatile solution for office partitions.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Partition Walls for Offices?

The basic advantages of glass partition walls for offices include the following:

  • Reliability and durability;
  • Easy in operation and maintenance;
  • Maximum natural light;
  • Variety of designs;
  • Security;
  • A modern solution.

Glass is an excellent building material. It fits perfectly into almost any design and allows the designer to implement the boldest ideas into reality. Buy glass office partitions on the website CommercialGlassPartitions.com and benefit already today!

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