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When You Make the Switch: Carpet to Hardwood

When You Make the Switch: Carpet to Hardwood

If you happen to have a hardwood floor, then thumbs up – you probably made the right choice. Many people switch from carpets to hardwood flooring but don’t do it right. The biggest mess usually lies in the carpet removal. If you don’t do it right, it could mess you up.

People switch from carpets to hardwood floors for varied reasons. In due process, some decide to do it on their own. However, if you must take the initiative to remove your carpet, you’ll need extra care. Otherwise, you might either end up hurting yourself or ruining the floor. Alternatively, simply hire carpet removal experts with high attention to detail.

It is imperative that we understand why people switch in the first place. Therefore, here are some of the reasons:

Hardwood Flooring Raises the Value of the Property

Many people opt for hardwood floored houses when choosing a property. As compared to carpeted houses, hardwood floored houses sell more. Often many realtors have reported deal breakers due to the absence of hardwood floors. A client may come and view the house, and then fail to move in just because there’s no hardwood floor.

You could easily make returns on your investment by installing hardwood floors. Simply get a professional carpet removal company to help you remove the carpet beforehand.

Carpet to Hardwood

Many Prefer Hardwood Floors to Carpets

Let’s face it, one might love every aesthetic look inside and outside a house. However, just because the floor isn’t hardwood, they’ll opt to keep on checking other houses, instead of closing the deal. This is how important hardwood floors are.

So what drives people to love hardwood floors? Is it just the appearance? Or is there more to it? Arguably, hardwood flooring looks pretty decent. Therefore, appearance is definitely top on the list of reasons. However, they are also more durable when compared to carpets.

Besides, you can easily refinish hardwood floors after some time to deliver a new appearance. Thus, you could last with them for a lifetime. Of course, you’ll still need to maintain them appropriately.

They are Ideal for Those with Allergies

Carpeted floors are not great with allergic people. This is due to their ability to harbor dust and other small particles. A number of people suffer from allergies that come and go, depending on certain contributors. Most times, the primary contributors are dust, pollen, dander, and other allergy-triggering particles. All of these particles can stick to carpets easily.

Hardwood flooring doesn’t trap these particles as much as carpeted floors do. However, it is not right to argue that hardwood floors won’t give you any allergic reactions. They can still harbor some little amounts of particles. The only catch is that these particles won’t be so much. Besides, they are easier to clean than their carpeted counterparts.

Medical experts also advise people to switch to hardwood floors, as they offer a promising option to allergic people.

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What You Need to Consider Before the Carpet Removal

Before you switch from a carpeted floor to a hardwood floor, it would be best if you considered the following:

Are You Ready For the Maintenance?

Your preference for sweeping versus vacuuming will largely determine whether you’ll enjoy hardwood flooring. Basically, you clean carpets once or twice a year. However, you’ll need to do it more often if you have pets around.

Having hardwood floors can cut this need to a great extent, as it removes the trouble of cleaning too often. Nonetheless, don’t get this wrong – you’ll still need to clean hardwood flooring.

The maintenance practices for hardwood flooring differs from those of carpeted floors. Any grime and dirt that builds up on hardwood floors need cleaning, at least once every year. To perform a deep clean, you’ll need to use special wood-cleaning items. For instance, to avoid distorting the appearance of the floor, you can use a rug to clean. To remove any embedded dirt on the rugs, you’ll have to vacuum and deep clean regularly.

So, are you ready for this type of maintenance? But look on the brighter side – hardwood floors can boost your home’s value, and increase demand.

How Soon Are You Selling?

When do you plan to sell the house? If you are planning to get your house into the current market, then you’ll have to match the competition. Therefore, consider installing hardwood flooring, as this is the in-thing. If you still have carpeted floors, contact your nearest carpet removal expert to help you get rid of it first.

It’s always imperative that you prepare for the sale earlier on. Part of the preparation involves getting your house in shape. Don’t wait till the last minute to commence operations such as carpet removal.

Final Thoughts

In summary, hardwood flooring is preferred by many homeowners. In case you want to switch to the better side, consider hiring a professional carpet removal company to help.

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