What’s the Best Outdoor Flooring Right Now?


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Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor space but unsure what flooring to install? Well, that can be quite some dilemma!

With so many materials to choose from—think concrete, tile, pavers, and lots more—choosing the best floor for your patio can be a lot to wrap your head around. But we’ve gone far ahead of you. If you’ve not considered tiles for your outdoor space, there’s every reason why you should.

But then again, tiles come in different styles, from ceramic and marble to porcelain and granite. But it’s the outdoors we’re talking about, with lots of sunshine, rainfall, and everything in between.

Out of the lot, ceramic and porcelain tiles appear to be the best flooring for outdoor use.

Comparing ceramic and porcelain tiles for the outdoors

While ceramic is a great choice vastly used by many, it is not durable enough to withstand the pressure of the elements as it’s pretty absorbent. So if you live in an area prone to harsh winters, the absorbed water will quickly freeze and crack up your ceramic flooring.

Well, porcelain has been kept from the outdoors for pretty much the same reasons, although it’s one of the best flooring options available. But recent advancement has now seen porcelain tiles created explicitly for outdoor use. For many reasons, we recommend outdoor porcelain tiles as the best outdoor flooring available right now. Built specifically for the outdoors, the new design addresses the loopholes observed in the traditional porcelain.

6 reasons why outdoor porcelain tile is the best outdoor flooring

Note that outdoor porcelain tiles are styled specifically for the outdoors, so you shouldn’t just go for any regular porcelain when buying.

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Outdoor porcelain is frost-proof

Outdoor porcelain tiles can tolerate sub-zero temperatures, making them the ideal flooring for patios and swimming pools in temperate regions. As a result, you can have peace of mind that your patio won’t crack under the icy-cold touch of winter.

It is impervious

The material doesn’t absorb water, making it perfect for any outdoor condition. You can use porcelain for your patio, swimming pool, or landscape without worrying about it absorbing water and cracking when the liquid freezes.


Durability is one of the strongest attributes of porcelain. It is far denser than ceramic tile as it is molded from refined clay and cured at higher temperatures. The hardness makes it incredibly resistant to scratch.

Porcelain has anti-slip properties

The granularity of porcelain makes it safer than the overly smooth ceramic, making it the perfect playground when close to water. If you have a swimming pool, porcelain should be your choice for patio flooring.

Low maintenance requirements

Porcelain’s low porosity and stain-proof properties make maintenance a walk in the park. You can do with an annual jet wash with warm soapy water, and you can easily clean spills without leaving a stain.

Porcelain doesn’t quickly fade

Have peace of mind knowing your elegant outdoor flooring wouldn’t fade in sunlight and lose its beauty within a few years.

Final thoughts

Porcelain is the ideal flooring for outdoor use as it can withstand the harsh weather conditions outside and remain visually pleasing for many years, even with low maintenance. So why not begin your outdoor transformation right away?

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