5 Simple Steps to Finding the Perfect Kitchen Color Palette

Choosing the perfect color palette for your kitchen isn’t that easy. Before you commit to a specific palette, you would want to have a few things on your mind. With unlimited colors and combinations to choose from, the process gets even trickier. 

Picking the kitchen’s design elements can be pretty challenging. You will have lots of discussions with your spouse, whether about the style, features, or color scheme. Finding a common point between your tastes and wishes can be challenging. That’s why you can rely on a simple decision-making tool to make things easier. You can consider your options and spin the wheel to make a final decision. This website is convenient and easy to use, and you have multiple wheels for different design aspects.

How to find the perfect kitchen color scheme to begin with? We share five simple steps to help you determine the color palette. 


The kitchen cabinets are the main focal point in your kitchen, so choosing the color is essential. And let’s not forget that they take more than 40% of the space. Therefore, choosing the cabinet color will set a base for other choices. Choose color and texture that best fit your mood and preferences. Also, the colors should be cohesive with the rest of your home. 

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With so many colors available, appliances have become an aesthetic feature in the kitchen. If you prefer a streamlined look, then built-in appliances will be your choice. It is perfect if you want a clutter-free kitchen with concealed appliances. If you are looking for regular appliances, you would want their color to match your kitchen. The sink, dishwasher, microwave, and oven will significantly influence the final look. They need to blend in the chosen color scheme seamlessly. Stainless steel appliances go perfectly with gray and brown. White applianced go with white or light gray kitchens. 


Choosing the countertop color will make or break the kitchen design. The countertop has a large part of the visual space, so it must blend in seamlessly. If the color doesn’t fit, the whole kitchen will be visually jarring. To make the right choice, consider the flooring. The countertop and flooring need to match for a tasteful kitchen design. 


The kitchen flooring is another aspect that needs to fit the bigger picture. It needs to coordinate with the other kitchen elements and the flooring in the rest of the home. The most popular flooring choices for kitchens are laminate, tiles, and hardwood. You can go with whatever suits your budget and style. When it comes to picking the color, you should coordinate with the cabinets. You can use a strong contrast if you want a modern and bold look. White cabinets wild pair perfectly with warm wood tones so that you can go for hardwood or faux wood tile. 


We can all agree that the kitchen walls aren’t that noticeable. However, they can play an essential role in the design. In some designs, the upper cabinets will be switched with open shelving. This modern approach to decorating will open up the space, making the wall color more critical. 

The kitchen backsplash is another aspect to consider when choosing colors. Usually, the wall space is covered with tiles to protect the wall from spills and stains. Both the tiles and wall paint should be coordinated with the cabinets and flooring. Off whites would work for many colors and styles, but light gray is also another option to consider. 

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