What’s Included in the Vacate Clean?

Shifting to a new city brings many difficulties and troubles. Many tenants cannot understand how to clean their homes before the end of the lease period. They try their best to clean their homes to get full bond money from the landlord. Apart from cleaning the home, there are several other things that a tenant has to do before leaving home. They have to pack items, call pest control services, and many other things.

If you have limited time, you must choose the services of vacate clean Melbourne. Professional cleaners will give you relief from the stress of cleaning the full home. Most of the tenants do not know the end of lease cleaning checklist. This blog will tell you about all the things covered at the end of the lease cleaning list.

Meaning of End of Lease Cleaning

Meaning of End of Lease Cleaning

Before we discuss what is the checklist of end of lease cleaning, let us discuss the meaning of the end of lease cleaning. It is an agreement between the landlord and tenant wherein the tenant promises to return the property to the owner after cleaning it thoroughly. The landlord then pays the bond money according to the quality of cleaning.

Things Covered at the End of Lease Cleaning

There are several things at the end of lease cleaning such as:

1. Normal Home Cleaning

In this type of cleaning, the professional cleaners will remove cobwebs and nests from the walls. They remove spots of the walls and clean light fittings and switches. Apart from that, they also clean doors, windows, cupboards, and drawers. Washing carpets and floors are also included in the normal home cleaning.
Normal Home Cleaning

2. Kitchen Cleaning

End of lease cleaners will remove stains on the stovetop, knobs, and rings. They clean drain holes and sink using a disinfectant. The cleaners then remove oil and grease from trays, BBQ, and the oven. They also clean kitchen appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave.

3. Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest areas of the home. It needs a thorough cleaning by professionals. End of lease cleaning includes cleaning of cupboards and drawers. Professional cleaners will also clean exhaust fan, towel rails, floors, windows, and mirrors. They will wash shower, toilet seat, washbasin, and tap. Removing limescale and stains of soap is also covered at the end of lease cleaning.

4. Cleaning of the Laundry Room

If you have a laundry room, the team of end of lease cleaning will clean it as well. They will clean windows, cupboards, drawers, and doorknobs. Professional cleaners will also wash the walls, laundry tubs, and floors. They will use good quality products to clean the taps and knobs.
Cleaning of the Laundry Room

5. Outdoor Spaces

End of lease cleaning includes cleaning of outdoor areas too. Professional cleaners will remove cobwebs and clean balcony railings, glass, lights, and mop the floors. They also clean the floors of the garage and remove cobwebs.


This is the normal checklist of most of the end of lease cleaning companies. If you want some more things, you can ask the professional cleaners.

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