What You Need to Look For in a Real Estate Agent?

Home owners and prospective buyers of real estate typically use the services of real estate agents like Hibernian Auctioneers to identify buyers/sellers and to wrap up the sale. The whole idea of using intermediaries is to have access to more prospects/properties and to help complete the formalities. This makes it important to choose the best real estate agent, as a poor choice can ruin the entire deal. Regardless of what you intend to do – buy/sell a property, it is essential to hire only the best real estate agent. Here are a few tips that can be used to search for the best agency.

Find Out All About The Plans Of The Agent Regarding Your Requirement

Real estate agent pointing while showing the house to couple

Many homeowners and prospective buyers of property often find themselves asking this question – do real estate agents lie? The sad fact is that there are many who actually do spin a little yarn and try to have their way by telling lies. It is essential to understand the motives of an agent when dealing with him/her. This will help to understand if the information that is shared is true or false. For instance, agents are known to inflate prices when quoting the same to homeowners, in an effort to earn a fat commission. Similarly, agents are known to quote below market prices to attract more buyers. Both actions are unprofessional.

Establish The Role Of The Agent During The Cooling Off Period

Establish The Role Of The Agent During The Cooling Off Period
An agent who earns a commission is expected to offer services and support during the cooling off period. The service of a real estate agent does not conclude with the deal, it extends to the period after the deal. The settlement requires the presence of the agent who made it happen. There may be clarifications that need to be sought or a request for modifications. A good agent will make himself or herself available to the clients till such time that is necessary. Agents who disappear after pocketing the commission will be of little use if complications arise.

Check Out Credentials

Check Out Credentials
While most buyers or sellers would look for a license of the agent, the checking of credentials needs to go much beyond that. It is necessary for individuals to check the agent in action, for instance, there may be other deals going on or other visits arranged. Observing and understanding how the agent deals with other clients will give a fair idea if the agent has integrity or is trying to earn profits in an unfair manner. It is important to note that a sale of a property is not only about the money involved, it also involves the formalities and the parties concerned. Both parties to a deal should be in a position to conclude the deal amicably and sort out all issues.

A good agent is the first step to the smooth disposal of a home at the right prices. Trying to markup the price beyond market value or selling it below the market value is certainly not the most prudent or reasonable. It pays to have fair deals, and this can be accomplished through the right agent.

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