What You Need to Know About End of Tenancy Cleaning Services


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It’s essential to take precautions before moving out from your rental property to avoid disputes with the landlord. Even more important is to take the initiative of hiring professional end-of-tenancy cleaning services. As a result, you’ll be able to please your landlord or agent to provide your deposit refund.

By hiring a professional company, you’ll receive services such as carpet cleaning and property sanitization. So if you want to get your deposit back, seeking the services of a reputable and experienced company is a must. For instance, Citi Clean has carried out numerous end-of-tenancy cleaning jobs for over seven years.

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Why you should hire a professional cleaning company

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You can achieve proper sanitization and thorough cleaning only by using high-end equipment and powerful detergents. Also, in-depth knowledge of how to use the equipment and cleaning detergents is necessary. So what’s the best way of receiving excellent services other than hiring a reliable end-of-tenancy cleaning company?

Use of eco-friendly cleaning detergents

Reputable companies use eco-friendly detergents provided by top manufacturers. What’s more is that these detergents will clean all the dirt from your rental property, leaving it shiny. Also, they’re safe to use and don’t have adverse effects on the environment. So, you can also use eco-friendly detergents for laundry. You can order eco friendly laundry detergent via Amazon because it is very effective and useful.

Working with skilled cleaners

Leading cleaning service companies have an adept team of professionals with extensive knowledge of equipment and cleaning detergents. Therefore, you’re sure of getting your property cleaned thoroughly.


End of tenancy cleaning service is not hourly based. However, they understand the requirements of inventory checks. So their extensive cleaning checklist displays the highest cleanliness standards. Be sure that your property will be in the most presentable state after cleaning.

Huge experience

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Reputable cleaning companies have carried out end-of-tenancy cleaning services for many years. In the process, they’ve built a robust relationship with different clients. No doubt that such professionals will ensure that your property is clean and impressive. Also, they provide thorough cleaning of all rooms, appliances, fittings, and furniture.

Key-pick up upon request

These professionals work hard to provide convenience to both the landlords and tenants. Once you’ve contacted them, they can pick up the keys to the property from somewhere near the rental address.

Property Sanitisation

It’s possible to extend the guarantee period of the end of tenancy cleaning service at a fee. The reason for this is to include expert property antiviral sanitization to get rid of germs and harmful substances.


The last thing any tenant wants is to create disputes towards the end of their stay at a rental property. That’s why it’s necessary to do all you can to leave the property in a presentable state. Remember that you’ll need your deposit back.

So ensuring that you leave the property clean and shiny is a must. Hiring a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning company is a good idea. The skilled cleaners know how to clean your property to help you increase your chances of getting back your deposit.

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