What to Plan Before You Tie The Knot

Do not tie the knot just yet. You and your partner may have much you need to discuss and events that are waiting to be planned before your big day arrives! Do not miss out on the chance to host an exciting party with friends or throw a dinner party for the ages.

Plan a Getaway

Plan a Getaway

It is not honeymoon time yet! Before you get married, the groom should plan a fun trip for the groomsmen. This will help to alleviate pre-wedding jitters and allow him and his friends to have time to relax before the big day. Consider hosting a bachelor party in Vegas for a night of endless fun.

But who said the guys get to have all the fun? You and your bridesmaids might enjoy soaking up the sun in Miami and enjoying the exuberant nightlife. Get your bridesmaids together and take a poll of the top destinations they would like to go or simply surprise them.

Decide Where You Want to Live Together

The topic of where a couple wishes to move together, or if they even want to move at all, is often grazed over or forgotten about. It is best not to assume that your partner would move wherever you wish them to, as they may have very valid reasons for wanting to remain planted. When in a relationship, it is all about compromise. You may wish to move and your partner may not, or vice versa. But that does not mean it is the end of the discussion. You can always discuss other options like renovating your current home or a home you have chosen on together.

Talk About Goals

What aspirations you have for the future is important to discuss as a couple. This can help you outline your own goals, as well as see what your partner envisions for the future. You and your partner’s goals may include advancing in your career, taking up new hobbies, or exploring new destinations. However, they may also involve more sticky situations or deal-breakers such as whether or not you want to have kids. Before you decide to get married, it is important to discuss your plans on having children to avoid being potentially blindsided by your partner’s response. This will help you plan accordingly for the future.

Discuss Finances

Discuss Finances

Nobody wants to talk about money, but it is essential before you get married. You may both have very different views towards money in regards to spending and saving. Your partner may also not want to spend money on something that you have no problem spending money on. You will want to create a plan for how you will divide expenses and how much money you are planning on putting into savings. As a married couple, you may also want to have a certain amount of money set aside in case an emergency arises.

Host a Dinner Party

Even if you are having a private or intimate event, you may choose to host a party beforehand. This can help to liven the mood and create a celebratory atmosphere. This dinner party can celebrate you and your partner as a couple, as well as those who are choosing to come to the wedding or those who are helping. A dinner party may consist of close friends and relatives. You may want to have this event catered or at a local restaurant, as not to overwhelm yourself with planning.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Take Some Time For Yourself

Plan a day or two where you take some much-needed relaxation time. You and your partner’s lives are about to change for the better. With this wonderful and cherished milestone in your book comes many changes to other aspects of your life. Do not allow these changes to become overwhelming. Seek additional help when it comes to wedding and party planning. Enjoy your alone time and take this time to reflect on how far you and your partner have come in life.

Wedding planning is no easy feat but before you say, “I do,” there are some things you need to discuss with your partner and things you must plan. These are aspects of the relationship you should consider before tying the knot. Take time for yourself and plan the party of a lifetime!

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