Protecting Your Home with Style at a Low-Cost

Windows are the soul of a house as they give a glimpse of the circumstances inside the home. However, everything needs to be secure; covers are essential to any home as well. Homeowners have a variety of options as covers for their homes like curtains, fabrics, blinds, and more.

The most popular ones are the blinds. There are various types of window blinds, but the most common ones are composed of hard materials like bamboo, plastic, and metal. These resources turn into long vertical or horizontal slats connected by a piece of string.

Most contractors prefer these kinds of supplies because they are the best for keeping external lights out. It provides the utmost comfort to whoever is in the room and keeps prying eyes out.

How Much Would Installation of Window Covers Cost?

Installation of Window Covers

New homeowners usually have budgets to make everything work. Sometimes, window covers do not cut. On average, installing these window treatments may run the bill up to $231, including the labor fee for installation.

However, because there are a lot of factors to consider, including the type of cover to use as curtains, drapes, blinds and more, it may cost anywhere from $93 to $403.

What are the Factors to Consider When Budgeting for Window Covers?

1. Quantity and Size of the Windows

The cost of window treatment installation also depends on how many windows and how big the windows are. Some home improvement companies do offer lower prices with higher quantities.
For example, one windowpane would cost around $50 to cover. Some businesses would offer $80 for two glasses, helping their clients save up to $20.

2. Style

  • Curtains – For those who are on a tight budget might opt to install curtains or drapes. It only requires a few screws, and rods if needed, and adds flair to any room. You can consider the type of fabric to use, which can also determine the overall cost. With cotton and polyester, the total cost would round up to $200 to $230, including the installation fee. However, with silk, it can exceed about $1,000
  • Cut-Rate Blinds – Some hardware stores do offer ready-made blinds. Most of them are aluminum blinds or roller shades, which are not advisable for homes with children, although it costs less than custom-made blinds and would only be from $7 to $25.
  • Custom-Made Blinds – These blinds look like those that are readily available in stores. However, most of the time, it comes with more benefits like having it installed by experts, energy efficiency, cordless or wireless innovation, and remote control.
  • It is quite challenging to assess the average costs of custom-made blinds. It would depend on the added features and number of windows. Safe to assume that the all-in-all prices can reach up to $2,000.

Location of the Windows

3. Location of the Windows

Companies that offer blinds and installation also take into consideration the safety of their workers. Therefore, hard-to-reach windows cost more than the others. Aside from keeping their employees safe, these types of windows also usually employ specialized equipment.

If given the option, homeowners should always go for the blinds for three reasons. One, there are slimmer chances of seeing what is inside the home once it closes. Second, it also adds elegance to the room. Last, the blinds are easily adjustable to let more air inside and add more comfort.

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