What to Look for in a Deck Contractor

A deck is a great addition to any home. It provides space for entertaining guests, playing with pets, or just relaxing on warm summer nights. Before you hire someone to install your new deck, take the time to do some research and find out what you should be looking for in a contractor. Here are 5 key qualities that will ensure you get the best quality work done at an affordable price:

Experience: A professional can guide you through all of your options so that you end up with exactly what meets your needs and fits within your budget. They’ll also be able to tell if something isn’t right or if it’s not strong enough without having to tear down half of the structure first!

Education/Training: There are a lot of “experts” out there who claim they know everything about decks. In many cases though, these people have never even completed a single project from start to finish. An educated contractor will understand the intricacies of building decks and can give you objective advice on whether or not your proposed changes are feasible.

References: Asking for references is a great way to find out what you can expect from a contractor. Not only do they deserve the list of glowing recommendations since they did such an amazing job, but it also protects and gives you peace of mind knowing there’s someone else who rates them highly.

Licenses and Insurance: All contractors should be properly licensed and insured, especially if they’re going to be working with tools or heavy machinery. This is a way for you to rest assured that there’s someone out there willing to stand behind their work should something go wrong.

Affordability: You want your contractor to give you a fair price for the quality of work he’ll be providing. There are a lot of shady contractors out there who’ll promise one thing and deliver another, but you can avoid this by working with an experienced professional with a solid reputation in your area.

Good Communication: A professional should listen to your needs and provide you with appropriate options, suggesting alternatives when your proposed plan isn’t feasible. They’ll also be able to give you an accurate quote after discussing all of the variables involved in a project, such as materials and labor costs.

Check Out Their Site and Read Reviews: By doing this you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle. Remember that even the best contractors often get poor reviews if they have little patience or are too busy to take the time to help customers.

Review Material Options: Look at the options available to you for each aspect of your deck, including wood types and stains. Your contractor should be able to let you know which ones are most appropriate for the climate where you live.

Ask Questions: A professional should do everything they can to accommodate your requests and let you know what is within their power and what isn’t. If an amendment or addition would cost significantly more money than the original plan, then it’s up to you as the owner whether it’s worth doing.

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Remember, looking for a contractor doesn’t have to be a daunting task nor does it require hours of tedious research. With these 5 tips though, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to find the right contractor for your needs and budget.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, from the basics to some more advanced concepts. To summarize, meditate on or ask these questions: 

-Communication and Trust: Do you trust your contractor, does he answer all of your questions? Does he have insurance and recommendations?. 

-Experience: Find out how long they have been in business, ask about their past projects if possible so that you can see examples of work done by this particular company. 

-License & Insurance: A professional contracting company will carry both these items as well as be registered through the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If you are in the market for a new deck contractor, make sure to check out our list of qualities on what makes an excellent deck builder. We hope that this is helpful and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about your project or need some help finding someone who can build it. Custom Edge Carpentry is here to help if you have any needs from a complete deck design to replacing your deck railing in Edmonton

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