13 Ways to Redefine Your Living Space


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If you are looking to redecorate your home, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what is right for you. In this article, I will be going over some of the most important things to consider when thinking about revamping your living space.

We all want our homes to reflect who we are and how we live. Sometimes it can be hard knowing where to start! This guide should help give you an idea of what kind of changes might work best for your unique situation whether it’s something small like changing out plates or something big like a kitchen renovation!

We will start with small changes and continue on with more major ideas.

Living room with a green sofa

  1. Change your light switches: If you feel like the switch plate covers do not match your room design, these can easily be changed. There are many different choices to choose from and they come in all sorts of colors and styles! This is a great way to bring life into an older home that might not be as stylish as it used to be or for bringing life into a new space. 
  2. Update your house numbers and mailbox: If your house numbers and mailbox stand out like a sore thumb, you might want to consider updating them. There are many different styles to choose from such as Victorian or even modern ones that look like the Apple Logo!
  3. Change out your front door or paint the door and other accessories to add an accent color: If you are looking for a bold statement to make, consider changing out the front door altogether. There are many different styles and colors that can be chosen from that will work best with your home’s style! If you are looking for a cheaper option, you could paint your front door and garage door an accent color to add dimension to your home. 
  4. Change out your doorknobs: Like light switches, doorknobs can be changed to match your new look. Also like light switches, there are many different styles to choose from.
  5. Change your lighting or update your fixtures:   Lighting is an extremely important part of any room. It can make or break the look and feel of your home. There are many different styles to choose from including art deco, victorian, mid-century modern, or industrial lighting!
  6. Update your ceiling fans:   Ceiling fans are a beautiful accent that can really tie together a room design. There are many styles to choose from including ones with lights for more of a modern look.
  7. Change your window treatments: It is important that you feel comfortable in your home. If the blinds or curtains do not match the room design, they can be changed out! There are many different types of window treatments including various styles of curtains and many of them will be a great addition to your home. 
  8. Change your faucets or drawer handles:   Faucets and drawer handles can add a nice touch to any room! Many times, when you buy furniture, they also come with matching faucets and handles. If these do not match your new decor, they can be changed out easily enough.
  9. Add some accent furniture: One way to bring life and color into a room is with some accent furniture. There are many different styles and designs to choose from such as mid-century modern, victorian, rustic, or industrial!
  10. Paint a room: Painting is something everyone should do to their home at some point for many reasons. This especially holds true if the walls are looking dingy or if you simply want to update your living space! Try painting one wall a bold color and going from there.
  11. Update the windows: Windows can be changed out for different styles including casement, double-hung, french doors, or sliding doors. 
  12. Change out the carpet: Some people may find that their carpet is a little worn down or that it does not match the new design of their home. Try switching out the carpet to something newer and more stylish!
  13. Renovate your kitchen or bathroom: Living areas are the most important to update, but if you want to go all out and renovate your kitchen or bathroom, it can be a great way to start fresh and change things up! You can create an entirely new look for these two rooms including recreating cabinets, adding granite countertops, and even remaking the flooring! Contacting a professional company that deals with bathroom renovations in Essex would be the first step towards redefining these key areas in your home.

This just scratches the surface of what you could do! Changing your home can be a lot of fun and it is a great way to reflect who you are as a person. It is important to consider how much work you will have to put into each project and that you have the time and resources to complete the project yourself or hire someone who can.

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