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What to Consider When Buying a Cooktop for Your Kitchen (7 Tips)

A gas cooktop is among the most crucial things in our kitchens. Whether you want to enjoy some risotto or some tea, you’ll need one.

However, choosing one can be very daunting, with every brand claiming to have the best in the market.

So how do you make a good decision with all that marketing noise? Knowing exactly what you’re looking for. No idea what that is? No worries. 

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing gas stove tops.

1. Your Kitchen Size

The first thing you need to determine is how much space you’re willing to sacrifice for your cooktop.

Some cooktops measure 12″, 24″, and 30″, while bigger one’s measure 36″ and 40″. Before you go shopping, measure your space to avoid buying a bigger one.

If, by any chance, you realize your space is very limited, consider shopping for an induction cooktop. The latter cooks faster than electric stoves, which is very convenient if you cook a lot.

2. Your Kitchen Needs & Habits

How often you cook and the number of dishes you cook at a time will determine the type of cooktop that’s best for you.

For example, if you prepare your meals or cook once a week to save time, you’re better off with a gas cooktop with five burners.

Here is an explanation of the best choice for you, depending on your cooking habits.

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  • Electric cooktops. These ones are best for people on a tight budget. They have incredible heating efficiency, and they also fit all cookware sizes.
  • Induction cooktops. These are slowly becoming the Queen Bs in the kitchen industry. First, they don’t have a flame, which makes them safer for curious toddlers. And two, their heat distribution ability is topnotch. Kindly note that to use an induction cooktop, you need to invest in stainless steel, enamel cast iron, or cast-iron cookware.
  • Gas cooktops. With these, you can cook any kind of food that you want. The best feature of gas cooktops is that they have high heat and low heat burners. They also heat up quickly, and you can change their heating levels easily. However, you need a gas connection; if not, the installation process can be very costly.

3. Safety & Efficiency

If energy efficiency and safety are your priority, then your best choice is the induction cooktop. As I mentioned earlier, they don’t heat the surface, so there is no risk of burns. When it comes to energy, they use at least 10% more than electric stoves.

And lastly, they don’t heat up the room around them, so they are convenient for people living in hot areas or small houses.

4. Appearance

Your gas stove top should complement your kitchen décor and add to its glam. For example, if your kitchen has a traditional theme, a gas cooktop will work very well with your décor. Since most of them come in black or white, you can go with the color that matches most of your kitchen appliances.

5. Maintenance and Care Practices

Some cooktops are harder to clean and take care of than others. For example, gas cooktops may be harder to clean since you have to remove some parts to clean.

On the other hand, induction cooktops have smooth surfaces, which makes them very easy to clean.

For ceramic glass cooktops, although they’re heat and scratch proof resistant, they require more care. You need to clean up spills immediately and use creamy cleansers.

When choosing gas stovetops, go with the one that has maintenance practices that you can handle without too much pressure.

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6. Budget

Before you even start looking for options, decide how much you want to spend on your gas cooktop.

And don’t only focus on the buying price; include the maintenance, repair, energy costs, etc. These extra costs can add up very fast. 

7. Shop Around

Okay, this isn’t a factor to consider, but it’s a really good bonus. Go through customer reviews and trusted review sites to see what their recommendations are.

Doing research also allows you to know what shops have discounts, and that could save you some bucks.

Don’t simply settle for the first store you come across.

Final Words

A gas cooktop is a very crucial part of your kitchen. It’s among the appliances you’ll use every day, and you just can’t toss it away.

When choosing one, ensure it compliments your kitchen theme, and it fits your needs in terms of size and power consumption.

What is the greatest challenge of shopping for a gas cooktop?

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