What To Check For When Choosing Home Builders in Melbourne

Building your own house from scratch is an incredibly exciting yet intimidating experience because there’s a real chance that things could go really wrong if you choose an unsuitable builder. That’s why we highly advise that you perform a thorough background check on your builder before you hire them so that you both can come to a common understanding before they even start breaking ground.

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If you’re not sure where to start with this process, then today’s article should be very helpful to you as we’ll be covering quite a lot of ground on what you should look for when choosing a home builder in Melbourne. Read on for more.

1. Ask the right questions:

To start, it’s important to ask your builder some pertinent questions that are relevant to the project at hand, such as:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many houses have you built so far?
  • What are your warranty conditions? They should offer to build insurance if the construction budget is above $16, 000 so that you, as the homeowner, are able to claim for structural and non-structural flaws if the builder gets deceased, disappears or goes bankrupt.
  • Are you licensed? A reputable homebuilder should have a Victoria Building License, and you can verify their qualification by checking the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) or a similar agency for authentication.
  • Will your company be carrying out the construction work as well? It’s important to ask this question because some building companies don’t really handle the actual work themselves but rather outsource it to other contractors. This can potentially make things difficult, especially because it will bring a new dynamic to the project as you’ll be forced to now communicate with someone new who may or may not be able to understand your vision the same way.
  • What is your inspection process? Are you comfortable with me doing walk-throughs to during construction and if so, at what intervals are that permissible?
  • Who will be main contact person be during the whole process?
  • Will you provide the fencing, pool, and landscaping? Make sure that you understand the extent of your builder’s expertise and their limitations so that you can source other professionals to do the electrical wiring, drainage, and excavation if necessary. Canny Home Builders in Melbourne is a good example of a one-stop-shop builder that has all the expertise you’ll need to build a complete home from the foundation to the trimmings.
  • Who will be responsible for building my home and how much experience do they have? Whether it’s an outsourced or in-house architect, it’s important that you know what level of expertise they bring to the table, and ask for samples of their work as well to get an idea of their style.

2. Ask for References:

If the builder doesn’t have reviews from past customers on their website, ask them to provide you with the contact details of their past customers, which you can call and interview to find out what their experience was. This will also give you a good idea of how much integrity the builder has in terms of honoring their warranty, whether or not they finish on time, if there were any price discrepancies during the building period and whether their past clients are happy with the finished product.

3. Check their background:

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One of the things that you have to look for when performing a background check on your builder is whether or not they’ve ever been bankrupt. You can do this by visiting https://cvcheck.biz/, click on the “checks and prices” tab and select “individual” or “organization” to see their information. The Victorian Building Authority also has a great resource known as the practitioner disciplinary register, which has the names and details of all the builders who’ve engaged in transgressions over the years. Checking these resources will help you to make an informed choice when you do finally choose a builder.

4. Be Clear on What You Want:

Nothing annoys home builders more than a client who doesn’t know what they want. So, by the time you approach a builder make sure that you’re clear on how you’d like your home to look like structurally so that you’ll be able to describe it clearly to them, and even use pictures if necessary to really drive the point home. If you’re looking to restructure your house, check out Arran construction for the best contractors in your area.

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