What Makes Wine Glasses The Perfect Addition To Your Dining Stock


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What are the two most important things when it comes to wine tasting and appreciation? The first is the human senses, followed by the wine glass in the latter. But why can’t we just drink wine out of soup bowls? What difference does it make anyway? 

Well, it is alright to drink wine out of a soup bowl or any cutlery for that matter if one’s only intent is to get drunk. However, we know that wine is not just another drink but much more than that. Therefore, you can buy glass blown wine glasses if you want to appreciate and taste all the nuanced flavors in the wine.

Are Wine Glasses Important?

Everybody loves some wine with any meal, and inviting guests over for dinner and serving them wine in a water cup is one of the many things that we should avoid doing at all times. Wine glasses are a must-have for being able to enjoy a glass of wine satisfactorily. 

Factors such as the glasses’ shape, design, and size also play a major role in enhancing the overall wine-drinking experience. However, keep in mind that the wine glass alone cannot do all the magic, so make sure to choose the right wine before inviting guests over for a meal.       

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Why Do We Need Wine Glasses?

For starters, try drinking wine from a water glass and then try drinking the same wine from a wine glass. When asked to do this experiment, most people seem to recognize the difference in the taste of the same wine drunk from different glasses. So, what magic do wine glasses add to the wine? Let’s find out.

  • Collecting or Gathering Aroma: Almost all wine glasses are equipped with aroma collectors, and as we all know, aroma plays a crucial role in enhancing the wine drinking experience. Many experts say that even tea and beverage cups should have these aroma collectors for a better experience. There are two different types of aroma collectors known as large and small aroma collectors. Generally, it is seen that glasses with larger bowls are used to drink red wine while white wine is sipped from glasses with smaller aroma collectors.
  • Releasing Aromas: Aroma to wine is what smell is to a slice of juicy fried bacon. Wine is known for releasing aromas when the alcohol volatilizes from the surface of the wine. One can even optimize aroma release by drinking wine from a glass with a wider surface area. Some studies show that swirling wine can increase the surface area resulting in better taste.
  • Better Smell: Wine glasses play a major role in delivering the smell of the wine to our noses. One can even say that a wine glass can enhance our potential to smell, allowing one to enjoy the overall experience of wine drinking. Drinking wine from a normal glass is definitely not as satisfactory as compared to drinking the same wine from a wine glass.

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All in all, we now know how important it is to have wine glasses to get the perfect wine-drinking experience. But, that is not all because wine glasses are beautifully designed, and they enhance the appeal of the entire dinner setup. As soon as a wine glass is placed on the dining table, it gives an altogether different and better vibe. If you are interested in learning more about wine glasses, check out Zalto Wine Glasses

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