Cleaning And Decluttering: How To Decide What To Throw Out And What To Keep


Cleaning And Decluttering1

Over a few years, it is easy to collect too many items which can take up valuable space in your home whether it is appliances, clothes, or shoes. Instead of pointlessly hoarding items, most people will decide to have a good tidy up and declutter their home every so often, however, it can be a challenge deciding what to recycle, give to someone else or throw away. 

If you are looking to declutter and make it feel fresh and more spacious, here is a guide to help you decide what to throw out and what to keep. 

Is It Used Regularly? 

A starting point when decluttering is to consider if you use an item regularly, for example, some equipment and hardware may only be used once or twice a year. Therefore, instead of taking up valuable space in an apartment or house, it is possible to keep it in storage in the center of Singapore so it is still easily accessible when required. The same can be done with seasonal clothing if you are aiming to save space as items can easily be boxed up and stored in dry and secure storage units. 

Items That Have Expired

Typically, food comes to mind when people think of expiration dates, however, documents and paperwork can also become obsolete after a certain amount of time. For example, bills, contracts, and resumes from over 10 years ago are likely to be useless and waste space in your home. To dispose of them properly old documents should be shredded and thrown out. 

Decide If It’s Critical To Keep

Whilst some paperwork can be disposed of without much worry, certain items must be kept such as important documents including birth certificates, contracts, insurance policies, and property deeds. Ideally, these should be kept in folders that keep out dust and moisture or even better, storage boxes that are fireproof and lockable. 

Are There Duplicates?

Oftentimes, people have copies of certain items such as clothing and dinnerware that are often surplus to requirements. These duplicates take up crucial living space that can be utilized for other things so if they must be kept, it is best to store them out of the way. 

Unwanted Gifts 

Occasionally, people receive gifts that they can’t use and while it is good manners to graciously accept gifts it isn’t necessary to keep and use them. For unsuitable gifts, it is possible to give them to someone else who may find the gift more useful or simply recycle a gift by donating it. 

Using Obsolete Items 

Almost everyone tends to hoard things that they think may still have a use later. However, these items rarely get put to use every day. After sorting through clutter and separating these items it may seem easier to throw them away, although another option that is better for the environment is to give or lend them to friends or family. 

Some examples of items that friends and family may find useful include: 

  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Kitchen appliances and gadgets such as blenders, bread makers, food processors, and stand mixers 
  • Formal clothing 
  • Camping and outdoor gear
  • Sporting equipment
  • Electronics 

Cleaning And Decluttering2

Clear Out Old Personal Items

Personal items such as half-used cosmetics, deodorant, and perfume may have been sitting around your bedroom or bathroom for months without being touched. If you are not really using them, it is best to dispose of them and free up the cabinet and shelf space for something else such as decor or plants that can improve the atmosphere of a room. 

Check Old Electronics 

New electronics are being released all the time and people often opt to upgrade what they have whether it be phones or televisions, so it is no surprise that old electronics can soon pile up and start to gather dust. 

The first thing to do is to go through all of your electronics to see which ones are still useful and working. Next, decide what to keep, give away, or send for recycling. Oftentimes, old electronics can be harvested for valuable components and metals or refurbished by charities. 

Old and Unused Hardware 

Other items that build up over time and start to clutter a home are hardware items such as old paint and tools. Aftertime, they may start to deteriorate and stand little chance of ever being used. It is best to check with your local council or committee to find out the safest way to dispose of the various hardware items commonly found in a home. 

It can be difficult to declutter a home, especially if items have been allowed to build up over a long time. However, by following a few tips and a strict plan of action it is possible to make a home feel fresh and spacious again. 

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