What Is The Difference Between Pest Control And Exterminator


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While bugs, pests, and other critters are necessary components of our environment, they are rarely welcomed within our homes due to the havoc they wreak. The majority of homeowners either attempt to resolve their pest problems on their own or engage the services of professionals such as pest control services and professional exterminators.

A lot of people question as to what is the difference between pest control and exterminator.  Although both have the same objective of eliminating pests from homes and workplaces, pest control is more inclined to long-term, efficient, environmentally friendly pest management methods. On the other hand, exterminators are more likely to use chemicals to eliminate bugs – that might only work temporarily.

What Is The Difference Between Pest Control And Exterminator?

When insects begin to creep around your house or your workplace becomes infested with rats, the first thing you may consider is calling an exterminator. Pest control and a pest exterminator expert are often mistaken with one another since their objectives are basically the same, but their methods of pest control vary.

Historically, having an exterminator was seen as the most effective method of resolving pest problems. An exterminator would come to your house, apply chemicals such as insecticides, and remove any dead bugs.

This method is often chemically intrusive and needs the homeowners to spend many hours outside their homes. Moreover, the effects are inconsistent: chemical treatments are effective at times and ineffective at others. In other circumstances, the pests reappear after a period of time.

Furthermore, there was rising concern about the environmental consequences of extermination. The purpose of pest extermination is to utterly destroy the pests. While we may despise having undesirable bugs and pests in our dwellings, they do serve a crucial function in the ecology of our environment. Once this was recognized, other professional pest control services began to provide their expertise for a more environmentally-friendly way to control pests.

Rather than eradicating all pests and rodents, pest control services aim to keep pests out of our homes. They would conduct an inspection of why pests are prevalent in the first place and how these circumstances might be altered to drive them away. If chemicals are required, pest control experts may choose gentler, more ecologically friendly treatments which are safe for both people and pets.

Pest control services need some time to completely comprehend the problem. In contrast to exterminators, who are only concerned with eliminating pest problems at the moment, pest control services are more forward-thinking. They seek to eradicate pests permanently, ensuring that they do not reappear or reproduce.

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Pest Control Visit: What To Expect?

Keeping pests and rodents out of your home and office is critical. Apart from being a nuisance, they may destroy your property and wreak havoc on your health. Pest management is among the most effective methods of eradicating them.

As previously stated, the primary distinction between pest control and exterminator solutions is that pest control determines a plan of action based on the type of infestation. This implies that pest treatment is not a one-size-fits-all service. If you are thinking of hiring a pest control service, the following are some of the usual expectations:

  • Inspects entry points

Pests and rodents enter the house via entry points, including windows, garages, crawl spaces, pipes, doors, and attics. This is one of the most time-consuming and critical aspects of pest control. Pest control experts will look for hidden spaces, cracks, and small openings.

  • Inspects the yard 

They would also inspect these areas if you have a yard or your house is next to open space. These gaps may result in future difficulties, which is why your pest control must address them as well.

  • Creates a report 

Expect that your pest control specialist may spend some time compiling their results. They must go over all the facts in a methodical manner in order to develop a strategy for future treatments.

  • Discusses the problem of pest control

Ultimately, your pest control expert will discuss their results with you so that you are fully informed about what is occurring on your property. They address the steps that must be done to resolve the present issue and avoid future ones. If you have some concerns, now is the time to voice them out. Perhaps you are a homeowner concerned about taking precautions for your pets or unsure whether you will need to perform certain follow-up care on your own.

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Exterminator Visit: What To Expect?

Individuals seeking ease and convenience in treating their pest problem may opt to engage with the services of pest exterminators. In contrast to pest control professionals, an exterminator would attack the situation by eliminating the pests.

Exterminators are more willing to recommend fumigation or the use of chemicals and spray hose to eradicate pests. If this is your first time calling an exterminator, below are the things you may expect:

  • Conducts an infestation investigation

Your exterminator needs to know the locations of all pest sightings in your house to locate entry points and hiding spots. Moreover, they may evaluate physical damage like tunnels, moisture build-up, nests, chew marks, or grease stains. At this point, be on watch in case the technician applies scare tactics to try to sell further home repair services.

  • Evaluates the infestation 

An exterminator would conduct a review and create a report of all the damages and the scope of the infestation. They may discuss various pest control options, produce numerous bids for their services, and provide recommendations on the next actions to take.

  • Prepare your property

Unlike pest treatment, which focuses on specific areas, eradication often encompasses a larger area. Once you have chosen a provider, begin prepping your home by removing furniture from your walls and covering any exposed surfaces. This enables the exterminator to readily access the nooks and corners of your property.

  • Be mindful of your pets

If you are a homeowner, provide a suitable outside area for pets or arrange for them to be dropped off with people you trust. There are pest control solutions that may be toxic to pets.

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