5 Ways To Keep your Home Safe and Secure


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In a world full of risk, the only place we feel safe is in our home. Our home is our sanctuary and our castle. This is the only place where we control who comes in and goes out.

However, most people assume they are safe in their home. They tend to feel a false sense of security and, therefore, neglect the necessary safety precautions. 

Most people will wait until their home has been burglarized or there is a major catastrophe  before they will begin to take security and safety seriously which is really wrong. One must take security and safety seriously get the help of security services like security services sydney.

Waiting until after a fire, flood, or burglary is too late. The treasures and family objects have been destroyed or stolen, and the family feels hurt and vulnerable. 

Even if you live in the best area of the city and think you are taking care of your home, you can still be a target or a victim of theft or another disaster. So, we have to protect our homes with proper maintenance and other types of security.  

Below we will discuss the top five ways to keep your home safe and secure. 

Get a Theft Alarm and Security Cameras

A simple alarm that sounds when an unauthorised person tries to enter your home is an excellent first step to prevent theft and vandalism. 

A signal is enough to discourage even the smartest thief. Police report that anti-theft alarms avoid more than half of all burglary attempts at home. Various systems are available on the market. 

Security cameras are becoming very popular these days. They come in many shapes and sizes. Wired types can fit in clocks, loudspeakers and even lamps. 

Wireless security cameras have a much higher advantage due to their flexibility, and they can be set up almost anywhere, including areas that a burglar would not even notice.

Local Sydney security companies can help with security alarm monitoring for homes or businesses for additional peace of mind.

Maintain Your Water Heater

An old hot water heater on it’s way out can cause more than just cold showers and high bills. In the worst case scenario, an explosion can occur and be deadly.

Although rare, both electric and gas poorly maintained water heaters can literally explode if you fail to pay attention to warning signs, such as a leaking pressure relief and temperature valve, brown water, and popping sounds.

If you have any question or doubt, don’t wait. Call a professional immediately to assess the situation. 

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Doors, Locks, and Lightning Bolts

If you own a house, be sure to invest in a metal door for your home. Also, make sure that you have good deadbolt locks, a significant door lock with a dead latch mechanism, and a strike plate that locks into the frame.

Whenever you move to a house or apartment, be sure to change the door lock or, if you are a tenant, ask the landlord to do so.

It is good to have external illumination with motion detectors, especially at the back of your home, to help deter an intruder. 

A well-lit terrace will make your home less of a target. It is also wise to have lights on timers that indicate the house is occupied when you are away at night or for a long time. 

Attend to Blocked Drains and Leaking Pipes

Small plumbing problems that are not addressed as soon as they are noticed, can turn into major costly disasters.

Signs such as slow draining sinks and leaky faucets may be indicative of underlying and more pervasive plumbing issues.

If in doubt, it’s best to call a professional plumber to diagnose your problem. It’s possible that the issue is minor and only requires a small tweak or valve replacement.

However, if the small drip you see is a result of a larger, more invasive hidden water leak, don’t wait until your home is flooded to call in a professional. 

Plumbers have the experience and necessary equipment to properly identify causes of leaks and blockages and to address any underdlying catastrophe waiting to happen.

Whether you need a tap or shower head replaced or a more serious issues such as an underground water leak repaired, don’t wait. Call the best plumbers in Penrith to prevent more serious problems and extensive water damage. 

Install Additional Smoke Detectors

Many homes have one smoke detector but do not realise the alarm is unnecessary in the event fire breaks out in the closed part of the house.

So it’s essential you install additional smoke detectors in your home. As with home alarm systems, smoke detectors are economical and simply require battery maintenance. They are not expensive either. If you are looking for security services visit NHN Group.

Because your home is your safe haven, follow the steps above to keep it that way. 

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